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An Empowered man is one who communicates like a leader, sets boundaries that gets respect, knows who he is and what he wants...and owns his own sh*t. The Empowered AF podcast is designed to help men do just that in their marriage and life. Join entrepreneur, coach, and father Mark Santiago every week as he shares the secrets to stepping into your own empowerment as a man. Each week you’ll hear about taboo issues that hold back the modern-day man from knowing who he is, what he wants, and how to become the man he wants to be as a father, husband, and leader.


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episode 106: THIS is Why Your Marriage is Failing

Get the Rules of Engagement For When She’s Cheating, Says She Doesn’t Love You, or Filed for Divorce -https://training.empoweredman.co/30dvslyt?el=podcast ( https://training.empoweredman.co/30dvslyt?el=podcast) Join the Empowered Man 5-Day Challenge! -https://www.empoweredman.co/sales-page-483638151651254399768?el=podcast ( https://www.empoweredman.co/sales-page-483638151651254399768?el=podcast) So many men find themselves in the same scenario...



episode 105: How to Deal with Adversity with Mark Shattuck

Get the Rules of Engagement For When She’s Cheating, Says She Doesn’t Love You, or Filed for Divorce -https://training.empoweredman.co/30dvslyt?el=podcast (https://training.empoweredman.co/30dvslyt?el=podcast) Join the Empowered Man 5-Day Challenge! -https://www.empoweredman.co/sales-page-483638151651254399768?el=podcast (https://www.empoweredman.co/sales-page-483638151651254399768?el=podcast) Every human being will face ADVERSITY in their life. That is a FACT, and EVERYBODY has their own story...



episode 104: Are These 3 Issues Showing Up in Your Marriage?

Something that Mark sees all the time is grown-ass MEN falling all over themselves for a WOMAN. They think everything is fine, life is going great, and then all of a sudden, she turns around and says she doesn’t want to be married anymore. And what do they do? They start thinking about all the BAD sh*t they did, feel guilty for EVERYTHING they did wrong, and they LOSE it trying to get her to stay...



episode 103: Why Marriage Counseling Doesn't Work

So you get divorced or need help with your marriage, and you go to a friend or someone you trust who’s been there before. What happens when that doesn’t help? You try couples counseling and individual therapy and feel like your wheels are spinning. You’re rehashing the past – but you’re not going anywhere. Where do you go, and what do you do? In this episode, Mark commiserates with men in this position because he’s been there...



episode 102: STOP Trying to Figure it Out on Your Own!

As men, we think there is no reason to be vulnerable or open ourselves up because we SUCK at emotions. We suck at DEALING with them, and we suck at letting other people in. There is something in the male DNA that says if a guy can figure it out on his own, he’s a REAL man. But this week, Mark is showing you why that is NOT the case. VULNERABILITY is one of the SEXIEST aspects to women...


 2022-08-30  17m

episode 101: Mark & Amy Santiago Talk About Why She Filed For Divorce

Have you ever wondered what pushes women to FINALLY take the plunge and END a long-lasting marriage? These decisions don’t just happen overnight, they are usually the last resort. This week on the show, Mark is joined by a woman – and not just ANY woman – the most special woman he knows: his WIFE, Amy Santiago. Amy has remarried but joins Mark this week to talk about her experience of divorce...


 2022-08-23  30m

episode 100: Welcome to Plathville: How Barry Plath SHOULD Have Handled Divorce

So many of you facing separation and divorce are saying and doing the WRONG things, and pushing your spouse FURTHER away. This poor communication and lack of leadership and ownership are contributing to the BREAKDOWN of your marriage. Mark sees so many men going through this, so this week, he's doing something he has NEVER done on the show before, and he’s tearing down a reality TV relationship breakdown between Kim and Barry Plath from Welcome to Plathville...


 2022-08-16  29m

episode 99: Ask Me Anything: Stop Treating Your Relationship as a Liability

So many of you don't treat your relationship as an ASSET, you treat it as a LIABILITY. This is a PROBLEM. So many of you are so focused on thinking about HER and saving the marriage, that you miss what’s possible for YOU and YOUR growth. This is a PROBLEM. These are some of the truths Mark is bringing you this week in this week’s Ask Me Anything episode...


 2022-08-09  38m

episode 98: Empowered Man Top Picks: Kill Your Ego, Get Empowered

Is your EGO killing your relationship? Lots of successful men have a hard time in their relationships, but they don’t realize that, in most cases, it’s because of their EGO. Men are so focused on DEFENDING themselves and PROTECTING their ego when it comes to separation or divorce, but this is KILLING your marriage and stopping you from being EMPOWERED. If you want to be a truly EMPOWERED man, you need to KILL your ego...


 2022-08-02  34m

episode 97: Empowered Man Top Picks: The Power of Brevity

Do you use BREVITY in your marriage? Brevity is a CONCISE and EXACT use of words in writing or speech. So often, we’re used to explaining ourselves, we WORD VOMIT and we overspill. But with no CLEAR direction of your words, you cannot hope to save your marriage. Being MESSY with your words is not serving you. You need BREVITY. This week, you’ll hear another of Mark’s favorite episodes, where he lays the foundations of BREVITY...


 2022-07-26  32m