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An Empowered man is one who communicates like a leader, sets boundaries that gets respect, knows who he is and what he wants...and owns his own sh*t. The Empowered AF podcast is designed to help men do just that in their marriage and life. Join entrepreneur, coach, and father Mark Santiago every week as he shares the secrets to stepping into your own empowerment as a man. Each week you’ll hear about taboo issues that hold back the modern-day man from knowing who he is, what he wants, and how to become the man he wants to be as a father, husband, and leader.


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episode 70: Lifestyle of Ownership - As a Father

Last week, we spoke about a lifestyle of ownership when it comes to your marriage and you as a HUSBAND, and specifically to how you communicate and show up in your relationship. And this week, we’re talking about you as a FATHER. It’s time to consider what YOU need to change about YOU if you want to be an example for your kids. Owning your sh*t isn’t just about the mistakes, it’s about owning the positives too...



episode 69: Lifestyle of Ownership - As a Husband

We live in a world where everyone is a VICTIM, and NOBODY wants to take ownership of anything. Too many men blame their wives, their jobs, their kids, for their problems, and it’s everyone else’s fault except THEIRS. But the key to fixing your marriage is to OWN it. Own your sh*t inside it, take RESPONSIBILITY, and hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE. Ownership is a lifestyle. It is something we LIVE and BREATHE, and it is part of our entire essence as empowered men...



episode 68: The Vision of 2.0

Empowered AF 2.0 is HERE, are you ready?! The new format is going to blow your mind. There will be way more fun, topics that have never been spoken about before on the podcast, and a host of brand-new guests coming onto the show. Empowered Man is SO much more than simply helping men navigate toxic marriages, so this week, Mark shares his vision for Empowered Man 2.0 and some of the topics he’ll be discussing in future episodes...



episode 67: F*CK New Year's Resolutions

2022 is right around the corner, and you might be thinking about setting New Year's resolutions. Some of you are in the midst of divorce and separation, and you think making resolutions will make you happier. You are WRONG. Resolutions SUCK – they DO NOT work. Andrew Lawrie joins Mark on the show this week to share why and what you can do instead to become truly empowered in 2022. Empowered AF 2.0 is coming, and Mark has a vision to do some great, impactful things in 2022...



episode 66: You Don't NEED Your Marriage

We live in an idealized world, and everything is about identity. We say things like “I need my wife. I need to save my marriage,” but is that really true? Why do you need that? When talking about what you need, you’re focusing on the IDEAL world vs. the REAL world. When you don’t have what you need and you focus on this instead of what you have, you’re in the “gap,” and the gap is where most men live...


 2021-12-21  29m

episode 65: You Are Enough

We’ve all experienced pain or trauma at some point in our lives, but sometimes this pain can stick with you way into adulthood. But that pain doesn’t have to damage you forever if you do the work to deal with it. You may not have always performed the best or won the thing, and you may not have been good enough, but Mark’s here to tell you that you ARE enough. You are ALWAYS enough. In this episode, Mark shares his definition of an empowered man and shows you what it really takes to be one...


 2021-12-14  31m

episode 64: She Had an Affair, Now What?

This episode is one of the most downloaded episodes ever, so it is clear that A LOT of men are struggling with this: what do you do when your wife has an affair? When your wife is telling you she doesn’t know if she wants to come back to the marriage, it can feel painful and SCARY AF...


 2021-12-07  25m

episode 63: Change Your Approach, Reclaim Your Power

As the holiday season approaches, things are going to get harder for some of you. But Mark is back this week to EMPOWER you and give YOU the tools you need to put yourself in the strongest position possible. Want more confidence and freedom in your life? You need to CHANGE your approach and RECLAIM your power. YOU are responsible for change, so it’s time to own your sh*t. In today’s episode, learn how to find where your biggest area of strength lies and use it to your advantage in your marriage...


 2021-11-30  34m

episode 62: Navigating Family Dynamics Pre & Post Divorce

Navigating emotional situations can be hard to handle if you don't know what you are doing and can even cause serious damage to the family relationship. In this episode of Empowered AF, Mark is introduced to you and the thrive program by fellow coach Kevin, to answer some personal questions from the group. Mark covers topics such as dealing with kids acting out, how to avoid accidentally manipulating your children and how to identify ways to be a safe place for your children...


 2021-11-23  1h0m

episode 61: Ask Me Anything - How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Welcome back to the AMA segment of the Empowered AF Podcast. This format works really well in delivering you all real life context to the Empowered Man Process and an opportunity for Mark to answer YOUR most burning questions...


 2021-11-16  35m