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Epicenter brings you in-depth conversations about the technical, economic and social implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Every week, we interview business leaders, engineers academics and entrepreneurs, and bring you a diverse spectrum of opinions and points of view. Epicenter is hosted by Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Friederike Ernst. Since 2014, episodes have been downloaded over 4 million times.


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episode 351: Evan Kuo: AMPL - the Controversial Digital Currency With an Elastic Supply

Ampleforth is a cryptocurrency attempting to become an essential building block to an alternative financial ecosystem that has attracted a lot of criticism lately. Cofounder Evan Kuo attempts to explain how it all works and straighten out misconceptions surrounding the protocol.



episode 350: Fernando Martinelli: Balancer – The Automated Market Maker Protocol for Programmable Liquidity

Balancer is a generalized automated market maker (AMM) protocol built on Ethereum. It allows anyone to create or add liquidity to customizable pools and earn trading fees. On one side there are liquidity providers (LPs) that generally seek to balance their holdings, and they get rewarded with trading fees. On the other side, traders that are looking for the best rate possible...



episode 349: Allison Lu: UMA – The Open Financial Platform for Building Synthetic Assets

UMA, or Universal Market Access, is an open source financial contracts protocol for building synthetic assets.Allison Lu, co-founder of UMA, chats in-depth about the platform and provides a great introduction to the world of financial derivatives.



episode 348: Richard Craib: Numerai – The Crowdsourced Predictive Model Hedge Fund

Numerai is a hedge fund with its own distributed research platform designed specifically for AIs. Richard Craib, Founder, talks about how far the project has come in the last 3 years since its launch.



episode 347: Dieter Fishbein & Joe Petrowski: Polkadot – Claiming Digital Sovereignty on Blockchain

Polkadot is a unique protocol connecting multiple purpose-built blockchains into one scalable network. Dieter Fishbein, Head of Ecosystem Development at Web3 Foundation, and Joe Petrowski, Research Analyst at Parity Technologies, share an in depth overview on the economics behind the protocol.



episode 346: Dan Guido: Trail of Bits – The Evolution of Smart Contract Security

Trail of Bits is a software security firm who advise in a range of industries, including the blockchain space. They are experts at identifying top-level risks and implementation vulnerabilities, and providing essential recommendations on best practices. Dan Guido, the CEO and Co-founder, explains all things software security in a really detailed and technical, yet easy to digest way.


 2020-06-30  1h5m

episode 345: Hugh Karp: Nexus Mutual – The Decentralized Insurance for Ethereum

Hugh Karp, the CEO and Founder of Nexus Mutual, has combined his insurance industry knowledge with his passion for decentralized technology to build an insurance solution for Ethereum users.


 2020-06-23  1h0m

episode 344: Zubin Koticha: Opyn – The Insurance Platform Which Protects Your DeFi Deposits

Opyn is a smart contract-based insurance platform built on a generalized options protocol. Zubin Koticha, CEO & Co-founder, is currently working on V2 of the platform where their focus for improvements is on cash efficiency, trading mechanism, and network effects.


 2020-06-17  1h22m

episode 343: Gabriel Jiménez: Petro – The Crypto Project That Tried to Free Venezuela

Gabriel Jimenez was approached by the Venezuelan presidency to create a national digital currency. Months later, he almost paid with his life when he was held at gunpoint in the President’s palace. From the safety of the US, Gabriel is finally able to share his side of the story.


 2020-06-10  1h22m

episode 342: Jim Bianco: Deep Insights Into the Global Economic Crisis

Covid-19 has plunged us into a crisis like none other we’ve experienced in our lifetime. Jim Bianco, President and Macro Strategist at Bianco Research, has been sharing his views on the long- term, macroeconomic consequences of the pandemic. He brings an enormous amount of clarity and insight into this issue.


 2020-06-02  1h20m