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Epicenter brings you in-depth conversations about the technical, economic and social implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Every week, we interview business leaders, engineers academics and entrepreneurs, and bring you a diverse spectrum of opinions and points of view. Epicenter is hosted by Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Friederike Ernst. Since 214, episodes have been downloaded over 4 million times.


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episode 296: Jerry Brito: The Case for Electronic Cash in an Open and Free Society

We’re joined by Jerry Brito, Executive Director of Coin Center. In 2014, he founded Coin Center, a leading research and advocacy center focussing on cryptocurrencies.



episode 295: Robert Leshner: Compound – An Automated Money Market for Ethereum Tokens

In this episode, we caught up with Robert Leshner, founder of the Compound protocol. Compound is one of the first examples of a well-functioning lending market built using smart contracts, built on Ethereum.



episode 294: Rob Dawson: PegaSys – Enterprise-Grade Ethereum Protocol Engineering

We're joined by Rob Dawson, Head of Product at PegaSys. PegaSys is the protocol engineering spoke of ConsenSys, and the team building Pantheon, a Java implementation of the Ethereum client.



episode 293: Stephen Palley: The Regulatory Landscape for Cryptocurrencies and the SEC's Case Against Kik

Lawyer Stephen Palley joined us to discuss the SEC case against Kik, the evolving US regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies and the recent announcement of the Libra cryptocurrency.



Bonus 2/2: Cosmos Validator Panel and Governance Debates – Interchain Conversations Berlin

This is part two of a two part bonus series. These sessions were recorded at the first Interchain Conversations conference which took place in Berlin on June 13th and 14th, 2019.



Bonus 1/2: “Epicenter Live” and a Chat with Jae Kwon of Cosmos – Interchain Conversations Berlin

This is part one of a two-part bonus series. These sessions were recorded at the first Interchain Conversations conference which took place in Berlin on June 13th and 14th, 2019.



episode 292: Hayden Adams: Uniswap – An Auction-Based Decentralized Exchange for Ethereum

We were joined by Hayden Adams to discuss the decentralized exchange Uniswap. We covered their auction-based model, the economic system of Uniswap and the importance of decentralized exchanges.



episode 291: Tal Moran: Spacemesh – The Space-Time Consensus Blockchain

We're joined by Tal Mogan, Chief Scientist at Spacemesh. This new consensus protocol is designed to run on home desktop PCs, filling free space on users' hard drives to create a Proof of Space-Time.


 2019-06-11  1h12m

episode 290: Dominic Tarr: Secure Scuttlebutt – The “Localized” but Distributed Social Network

We’re joined by Dominic Tarr, a sailor, and the Founder of Secure Scuttlebutt. This curiously named project has a fascinating approach to creating a truly distributed social network.


 2019-06-04  1h12m

episode 289: Dan Robinson: Rainbow Network – Off-Chain Synthetics Exchange or “Multicolored Lightning”

We’re joined by Dan Robinson, a research partner at Paradigm, and the author the “Rainbow Network” paper. The paper describes an off-chain decentralized synthetics exchange which leverages payment channels.


 2019-05-28  1h12m