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Epicenter brings you in-depth conversations about the technical, economic and social implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Every week, we interview business leaders, engineers academics and entrepreneurs, and bring you a diverse spectrum of opinions and points of view. Epicenter is hosted by Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Friederike Ernst. Since 2014, episodes have been downloaded over 4 million times.


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episode 366: Trent McConaghy: Ocean Protocol – The Platform Making Waves in the Data Industry

Ocean Protocol is a platform which creates data marketplaces, providing an alternative to the current model. Trent McConaghy, Founder of Ocean Protocol, joins us to chat about the platform.



episode 365: Martin Köppelmann: Circles – Creating Universal Basic Income Economies for Everyone

Circles UBI is a blockchain-based Universal Basic Income created to promote local economy within communities. Martin Köppelmann, creator of Circles, chats to us about why he believes the world needs this, and how the project works.



episode 364: Alchemy – A Powerful Developer Platform and API for Ethereum Apps

Alchemy is a powerful blockchain developer platform providing a suite of developer tools. We chatted to Nikil Viswanathan, CEO & Co-founder about the platform, how it works and the problems it solves. We also addressed the concerns around centralization and ecosystem resiliency.



episode 363: Sam Bankman-Fried: FTX & Project Serum – The World's First Decentralized Derivatives Exchange

Sam Bankman-Fried is the CEO of FTX and Alameda Research, and co-founder of Project Serum. We hear all about his journey from Alameda, to FTX, and to his latest venture, Serum.



episode 362: Simon Polrot: Adan – Unraveling MiCA and the New Regulations Threatening Crypto in Europe

The European Commission's new regulatory proposal, MiCA, covers nearly every type of activity relating to cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, stablecoins, and security tokens in Europe. Simon Polrot, President of Adan, explains what the draft proposal means, the effects it will have on the industry, and how you can get involved.


 2020-10-20  1h27m

episode 361: Kyle Samani: Multicoin Capital – The Thesis-Driven Cryptoasset Investment Firm

Multicoin Capital is a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies. We had Kyle Samani, Co-founder and Managing Partner, on the show for a second time, for an update on Multicoin and the crypto asset industry as a whole.


 2020-10-13  1h9m

Ido Sadeh Man: Sögur – The Digital Coin Changing Global Currency for the Better (sponsored)

Sögur is building a self-sustaining, democratic and global currency with the SGR. Ido Sadeh Man, chairman and founder, discusses the monetary economics of the project and the impact they plan for it to have.


 2020-10-08  1h19m

episode 360: Demetri Kofinas: Uncovering the Hidden Forces of Today's Society

Demetri Kofinas is the Editor-in-Chief and host of the podcast, Hidden Forces. We chatted to him about a range of current topics from the US presidential election, the financial crisis the federal reserve, and crypto - specifically his thoughts on the DeFi space.


 2020-10-06  1h20m

episode 359: The Layer-1 Data Availability and Consensus Solution

LazyLedger is a scalable general-purpose data availability layer for decentralized apps and trust-minimized sidechains. Co-Founders Ismail Khoffi and Mustafa Al-Bassam gave us a deep technical overview and vision of the project.


 2020-09-29  1h17m

episode 358: Camila Russo: The Defiant – Laying Bare the Story of Ethereum

Camila Russo is a financial journalist and author. She recently wrote “The Infinite Machine”, a book which lays bare the foundations of Ethereum.


 2020-09-22  1h9m