Here we test Tabletop RPGs as English practice tools, for listeners, speakers, and some fun. Join us to listen and learn, or to laugh and enjoy! The story starts from Episode 3, Character introductions from Episode 12. Our first campaign follows a group of teachers and friends, some old gamers, some new, as they are introduced to the system, and try out several different ideas! If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at: For more information on our school, please visit our Facebook page at:

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episode 12: One Shots 12 - LoWD, Killers, Turtles, Dudes, and Bros

In this episode, we enter the months of Quadranary and Hogust. Our dudes act like righteous dudes, and some uncool dudes. And the unlikeliest of people save the day. Also, more dirty jokes and innuendos!

Sorry about the length on this episode.



episode 11: One Shots 11 - LoWD, Teaching a Fool How to Love

In this episode, Stick learns why Cal-Cass and Piergeron like clerics so much.
Yes, that seriously happens, and yes, the months so far really are Unnamed, Binary, Tertiary, and June. To be fair, it makes just as much sense with normal English months.
Also, while this episode is completely safe for work, it does include a lot of innuendo.



episode 10: One Shots 10 - LoWD, Dudes and Dragons

On this episode, our players start the game and quickly learn the rules. Also, some rules get troubleshooting.



episode 9: One Shots 9 - Lords of Waterdeep, Board Game + Role Play

In this episode, we start something different. We take a regular board game set in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, and we add role play to it. This board game can honestly be played like Monopoly, with very little talking, which is why our Game Master, Juan, will add his try at a second win condition, to promote more talking and role play.

So let's all learn who these people are, and how they play this game!



NSFW Bloopers With Wizards!

Here are the bloopers for our Harry Potter Homebrew!

As always, don't listen around children or at work, because adult language will be put here. On purpose. Because of course it would be.



Harry Potter Homebrew Analysis

Our players take the time to review this playthrough with the game. Suggestions are made for how to maybe improve on it.

We do plan on in the future releasing this one-page one-shot so you can play yourself in the future! But we don't quite have a publishing date planned, yet....



episode 8: One Shots 8 - HPHB Counting Blood Drops

In this episode, our players decide that more detectives are the best way to go. Unfortunately, it doesn't work exactly like they expect.

Also, self-driving cars, and tracking down the killer. And crazy wizards!
Happy New Years, everybody!



episode 7: HPHB 3 - Bookstore Owners Know A Lot About Murders

Our heroes start investigating the murder, and the crazy rolls come fast. Also, they decide they need to involve a lot of magical research and magical detectives.
Here are some choice quotes from the episode with no context.
"I'm a construction worker, I'm not dangerous."
"My magic isn't working too well today, I've only had two beers."
"So yeah, one of those poor buggers just went crazy."
"Bibbity Bobbity Boo, roll 1d6."


 2019-12-26  31m

episode 6: One Shots 6, HPHB - Hiding Queens and Girly Screams

Our heroes start an adventure in Los Angeles!Our heroes get some fish, see some magic, try to Find the Lady, see a murder, and go a little crazy.


 2019-12-19  30m

One Shots 5 - Harry Potter Homebrew, Characters and Rules

We are back to trying new games. This time, a very new game, one we are working on ourselves! The idea is, what if Call of Cthulhu met Harry Potter? What if Muggles and Wizards were each other's technology or beings so alien they cannot be understood?

Anyway, our players make characters and learn all the rules that fit on one page!


 2019-12-12  26m