VH Frater BT's Esoterinerd Podcast

A more or less Traditional Golden Dawn 5=6 and Buddhist Yoga instructor interviews teachers and fellow students of Esoterica building bridges of communication, mutual respect, and understanding between widely varying schools of thought, from the obscure to the mainstream.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h21m. Bisher sind 107 Folge(n) erschienen. .

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 6 days 8 hours 1 minute


Ep.27: Soror Kleito

BT recites the 57 Perceptics from 0-8 for the Tech Support segment, then discusses the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica and the Church of Hermetic Sciences with Soror Kleito, AKA Isabela Shahira.


 2015-11-01  28m

Ep.26: Isis The Aquarian

H Soror FSM recites The Invocation of Isis, then BT discusses The Age of Aquarius, Father Yod and The Source Family, and Kindness, with Isis The Aquarian.


 2015-10-31  48m

Ep.25: Philokalia The Aquarian

BT expounds upon Dr. Arthur W. Mack's Latin translation of The Adoration of the Lord of the Universe, reads some more from The Fama Fraternitatis for The REAL Rosenkreuz Orden segment, and discusses Art, Technology, Golden Dawn, Dan Brown, حيبنيقظان The CSS, and progress with ברוךבןקדוש AKA Philokalia Aquarian.


 2015-10-29  1h19m

Ep.24: Wiz Garber

BT recites Chapter 1 Verse 3 for the segment "TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes" then discusses Golden Dawn, Japanese Buddhism, The L.A. Sanctuary, and the Mandalas in the shadows of the 8th-dimensional 421 8-polytope with Wiz Garber.


 2015-10-24  3h46m

Ep.23: Bryin Dall

Meet the man who brought us the album Golden Dawn - LVX: Bryin Dall.


 2015-10-23  1h29m

Ep.22: Eden Amadora

BT recites the entire Flying Roll IV (and even does the voices) for The REAL Rosenkreuz Orden segment, then interviews Eden Amadora, AKA Sarah Eden Davis, of the 13 Moon Mystery School, Awakening Beauty, Holographic Goddess, and Amadora Music.


 2015-10-20  1h10m

Ep.21: David Crawford

BT recites Chapter 1 Verse 2 for the segment "TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes" then discusses Essenes, Theosophy, The L.A. Sanctuary, and being Vegan with David Crawford.


 2015-10-20  47m

Ep.20: Poke Runyon

BT recites the definition of A.R.C. Break for the Tech Support segment, then discusses Golden Dawn, Tibetan Buddhism, and John Dan Reib with Frater Thabion AKA V.H. Frater D.a.L. AKA Carroll "Poke" Runyon, founder of The Church of Hermetic Sciences and The O.T.A., and host of the weekly Podcast The Hermetic Hour.


 2015-10-17  1h29m

Ep.19: Season Cole

on Poetry, Magic, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Koyote The Blind with Season Cole.


 2015-10-13  50m

Ep.18: Twin Peaks Tarot

BT introduces the new segment "TRANSFORMATIONS and Footnotes", then with co-host Richard Clark interviews Ben Mackey about his Twin Peaks Tarot.


 2015-10-04  1h8m