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à la carte suckling lamb from Spain

The specialty from the Castile and León region requires over two hours of cooking in the wood-fired oven. It is eaten alone, accompanied only by a light red wine.


 2016-05-18  3m

Loch Lomond

We have a report on one of the most beautiful places in Scotland - Loch Lomond just outside of Glasgow. John Hepburn, a viewer from New Zealand, requested this report.


 2016-05-17  3m

Wieliczka salt mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1978. It opened up to visitors in 1993.


 2016-05-17  4m

A townhouse in Lisbon

A Portuguese architect tore down a rundown, narrow apartment house in Lisbon and built a modern townhouse with 7 rooms on 5 floors in its place. From the top floor, there's a delightful view of Lisbon.


 2016-05-12  4m

The dream of flying

125 years ago Geman aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal accomplished his first gliding flights. Close to Lilienthal’s birth place, a couple is now following in his footsteps by building ultralight planes.


 2016-05-12  4m

Slovenian Strudel

Slovenia is proud to have around 1000 national dishes, including many scrumptious desserts. One of them is a layered strudel called Prekmurska Gibanica.


 2016-05-11  2m

Digital lifestyle: 75 years of the computer

Computers are so omnipresent that it sometimes seem they've become part of our anatomy. Konrad Zuse invented the first programmable one 75 years ago. How has it and how have we changed since then?


 2016-05-11  4m

A visit to Jersey in the English Channel

Jersey, off the coast of France, is with 118 square km the biggest of the Channel Islands. Jersey answers directly to the British Crown, not the British Parliament. The official term is called 'Peculiar of the Crown'.


 2016-05-10  4m

Euromaxx: Highlights of the Week

On this edition of Euromaxx Highlights: A masterpiece by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and Barcelona’s most famous landmark: The Sagrada Familia. Germany’s fastest female running twins: Anna and Lisa Hahner. And: Data Cuisine makes statistics digestible.Sagrada Familia in BarcelonaThe Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona has been a work in progress since the year 1882. Famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí himself was involved during the first phase of construction...


 2016-05-08  26m

The Unfinished Works: Herrenchiemsee Palace

Herrenchiemsee palace was meant as a tribute to King Ludwig II's role model Louis the Fourteenth. It's the most expensive of the three palaces built by Ludwig the second. Today just a fragment remains, but it's popular with tourists.


 2016-05-07  4m