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Europe's northernmost town

Life in the northernmost and largest settlement in Spitsbergen, Norway is extreme. Nevertheless, around 2100 people live here year round. Euromaxx Reporter Nicole Frölich braved the cold to travel there for us.


 2020-03-21  5m

Swiss music producer DJ Bobo

The Swiss musician has been going strong since the heyday of Eurodance in the 1990s. Although his songs are no longer chart-toppers, his live shows have won him many loyal fans.


 2020-03-21  4m

Saxophone - The magical, versatile golden horn

This woodwind instrument was invented in 1840 by Belgian Adolphe Sax. Although made from brass, it belongs to the woodwind family. Musician Asya Fateyeva guides us through Dinant, the saxophone’s hometown.


 2020-03-20  4m

Vinegar drinks by Doktorenhof

Doktorenhof in the Palatinate is the smallest wine vinegar vineyard in Germany. It produces a good range of drinks for special moments using its prize-winning vinegar, which ripens in centuries-old wooden barrels.


 2020-03-20  5m

Optical Illusions by Street Artist Scaf

Pierre Bertolotti, aka Scaf, paints stunning three-dimensional murals. His creations seem to spring out of the walls, and have a huge fan base online. The street artist is most inspired by fantasy and pop culture motifs.


 2020-03-20  3m

A centennial celebration of the Roaring Twenties

In Berlin, the centennial of the Roaring Twenties is celebrated with swing and the Charleston. Traces of the epoch remain in certain corners of Berlin, and a party series brings the iconic era back to life.


 2020-03-16  5m

Ice skating in Sweden

With its abundance of lakes, Sweden’s wintery landscape is a paradise for ice skaters. The country’s countless lakes offer the unique experience of skating on especially smooth and transparent black ice.


 2020-03-16  3m

Baumkuchen is the king of cakes

Baumkuchen is difficult to make! It's not only popular in Germany, but also in Asia--especially in Japan. Euromaxx visits the small town of Salzwedel, where this special German cake originated.


 2020-03-14  4m

Adama Paris makes African fashion popular in Europe

With her „Black Fashion Week“, Adama Paris from Senegal is promoting designers and models from Africa. She wants African fashions to become more popular in Europe and Canada.


 2020-03-14  5m

Quirky Customs: The Buschos are on the march!

For the series Quirky Customs, Euromaxx reporter Max Merrill travels to a Hungarian village for the Buschos march. It’s a unique ritual for which people dress up, wear masks, and scare winter away.


 2020-03-14  5m