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A concert in vertigo: Live music on a slackline

Making music and slacklining at the same time…is a fine balance. For the group “Houle Douce”, it’s the best way to perform. They play live concerts whilst balancing on slacklines 50 metres above ground.


 2020-10-17  4m

Goldbeater from Venice continues ancient trade

Only a few businesses still produce thin sheets of gold. One of them is a shop in Venice run by Mario Menegazzo. There, gold bars and hammered so thin that they’re almost transparent so they can be used in a host of products.


 2020-10-10  4m

Need for speed: art from old motor vehicles

German sculptor Stefan Rohrer loves cars and mopeds. His artwork, repurposed from old vehicles, bear titles like “Whiplash“. These embody the thrill of high speed, but also the devastation of resulting disasters.


 2020-10-05  3m

Thierry Noir’s street art and the Berlin Wall

30 years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Thierry Noir’s colorful art still graces the remains of the former border. At the East Side Gallery visitors can see the iconic graffiti by the French street artist.


 2020-10-03  2m

Slovenia - an insider tip for gourmets

The small country of Slovenia in Southeastern Europe is emerging as a gourmet destination. Six restaurants were awarded a Michelin star for their traditional cuisine this year.


 2020-09-28  4m

Beautifully mysterious – nature photography from Finland

Finnish artist Riitta Päiväläinen prefers to take photos in the forest. She is part of the “Helsinki School” group of artists, which is increasingly highlighting nature and landscape in its work.


 2020-09-26  3m

Wirtshauswiesn instead of the traditional Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has been cancelled, but Munich has come up with an alternative. People are invited to visit 54 restaurants over two weeks. Euromaxx sent a reporter to Munich to check out the festival’s replacement.


 2020-09-26  4m

Culinary heights – a restaurant in a hot air balloon

Whoever dines here should have no fear of heights. During a ride in the hot air balloon CuliAir restaurant, guests can watch the dishes being made in the balloon’s hot air – at lofty heights.


 2020-09-26  5m

Aerial Views - The photographer Bernhard Lang

Since 2010, Bernhard Lang has captured the earth’s surface in his photo series "Aerial Views." To take these stunning pictures from the heavens, Lang takes off in a helicopter flown by a pilot that he charters.


 2020-08-31  3m

Intricate art: Hand-carved woodwork from Sweden

Daniel Wester worked as a photographer for 20 years before he started woodworking. Michelin-starred restaurants such as the Daniel Berlin Krog use his intricate, hand-carved spoons, bowls, and plates.


 2020-08-29  4m