Even the Podcast is Afraid

Even the Podcast is Afraid covers the real life & fictional horrors of true crime, the paranormal, the unexplained, & creepy pastas. Giving you a researched and comedic approach to serial killers, cults, demons, aliens, & all sorts of macabre history. Hosted by Jared Ordis, Nick Porchetta, & Samantha Vazquez


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episode 74: Side Crime: Castration Cabin

In this episode of Side Crime, the hosts of Even the Podcast is Afraid discuss several true crime & weird stories that have recently been in the news, including: Racing Pigeon bought for $1.9 Million Dollars, Sinkhole Filled with Glowing Green Goo in Tor...



episode 73: Jeffrey Dahmer Part II: Emotions of Bizarre Desires

In part two, the final part of this series on Jeffrey Dahmer, we return back to July 27, 1981 in Hollywood Florida, where six-year-old Adam Walsh goes missing from a Sears store, and on that same day 34-year-old Willis Morgan was in the Radio Shack at th...



episode 72: Jeffrey Dahmer Part I: The Milwaukee Cannibal

In part one of this series on Jeffrey Dahmer, instead of doing a complete rehash of all his individual murders and all the grotesque details, the trial so on, since everyone knows who Jeffery Dahmer is, and his case has been covered by tons of true crime...



episode 71: Creepy Pasta: Haunted Bust & The Blood Keeper

Hosts of "Even the Podcast is Afraid" read some of the creepiest stories & Creepy Pastas from the darkest parts of the internet, while bringing their own comedic, narrative edits, & opinions as they critique & rate the stories they read, sometimes for th...



episode 70: BONUS: Chat w/ Michael Isikoff | the Chief Investigative Correspondent of Yahoo! News & Author | on the QAnon Conspiracy & Cult

EXCLUSIVE PATREON ONLY RELEASED EPISODEIn this episode, Jared Ordis and Nick Porchetta had the chance to speak with author, co-host of the podcasts Skullduggery & Conspiracyland, and the Chief Investigative Correspondent of Yahoo! News, Michael Isikoff,...



episode 69: QAnon Part II: The Wheel of 4Chan

In this episode, we will be concluding our two part series on the conspiracy of QAnon. In part two we’ll dive into the aspects of how social media, and the internet gave rise to QAnon, which first came to light on online message boards like 4Chan and 8Ch...



episode 68: QAnon Part I: Bad News on the Doorstep

Have you heard the news? A group of elite Hollywood and Democrat Satanist pedophile cannibals are running rampant in our country, according to 4CHAN and 8CHAN. The QAnon conspiracy possesses the elements of the ridiculous Pizza Gate conspiracy, and gave ...


 2020-10-26  1h37m

episode 67: The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp.. aka Lizard Man of Lee County, or you can simply call him the Bishopville Monster, is a supposed reptilian creature that inhabits the swampland regions of Lee County, South Carolina. Residents of Browntown & Bishopville...


 2020-10-19  1h4m

episode 66: Side Crime: Spit & Poo Brew

In this episode of Side Crime, the hosts of Even the Podcast is Afraid discuss several batshit weired & true crime stories that have presently been in the news, including: Tiger on the loose in Tennessee, Mysterious Vials of Hamster DNA, The Monkey Buste...


 2020-10-12  1h11m

episode 65: Nazis & the Occult Part III: Raiders of Relics

In the final part of this series, From beginning to end, these occult principles were with the Nazis. This is a very brief overview of some of how their wacky beliefs carried them to power...and then to the grave. The Nazis believed themselves members of...


 2020-10-05  1h17m