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Even the Podcast is Afraid covers the real life & fictional horrors of true crime, the paranormal, & the unexplained. Giving you a researched and comedic approach to serial killers, cults, demons, aliens, ghosts, & all sorts of macabre history. Hosted by Jared Ordis, Nick Porchetta, & Samantha Vazquez with new episodes released every Monday.


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Manson Family Part I: Beads With Blood

In part one of our series on the Manson Family, we began our dive into one of the most familiar names and faces in the realm of true crime is that of Charles Manson, or you can call him Charlie. He has become iconic, and has forever solidified his...



Side Crime: Watch It Burn

In this episode of Side Crime, the hosts of Even the Podcast is Afraid discuss several weird stories that have recently been in the news, including: the man who showed up to court with the name Buttf**ker 3000, the body of missing man found inside...



Men in Black Part III: Ancient Aliens

In part three, the final episode in our series on the Men in Black, John Keel would go on to form even more conclusions on aliens and the Men in Black, even comparing them to the bible, forming his own Ancient Aliens theory, along with Starseeds, and...



Men in Black Part II: Uncanny Valley

In part two of our series on the Men in Black, we start from the beginning! as we all know, that aliens came to earth long ago and created civilization, right? And they left all these clues about this, but now if someone sees a UFO, it's important...



Men in Black Part I: Alien Conspiracy School

In part one of our series on the Men in Black, we breakdown our main cast of characters for this series, as well as some acronyms, terms, and definitions, that we will discuss throughout this entire series: UFOS, Uncanny Valley, Close Encounters and...


 2021-05-10  1h11m

Side Crime: Floridian Dino

In this episode of Side Crime, the hosts of Even the Podcast is Afraid discuss several true crime & weird stories that have recently been in the news, including: Italian man skips work for 15 years, Florida woman spots baby dinosaur on camera running...


 2021-05-03  1h11m

Giant Humanoids Part III: Unearthly Libido

In part three & final episode of Giant Humanoids, Gigantism could defiantly be the cause for folklore and fairytales about giants from our past, especially when you look at the mounds of natives, an Egyptian pharaoh, and the Giants of Seville. Even...


 2021-04-26  1h9m

Giant Humanoids Part II: Mounds of Possibilities

In part two of Giant Humanoids, the Spanish and other worldly explorers have all in some way reported giant Native Americans or just Giant Humanoids in there adventures, it comes at no surprise that the Natives themselves have also told stories of...


 2021-04-19  1h8m

Giant Humanoids Part I: Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum

Giants appear in the folklore of cultures worldwide as they represent a relatively simple concept, as giants evoke terror and remind humans of their body's frailty and mortality. Often being portrayed as monsters and antagonists, with the exceptions...


 2021-04-12  57m

Harpe Brothers: O' Killers Where Art Thou?

The Harpe brothers lived the lives of highwaymen, also engaging in river piracy and serial killing. The legend of their atrocities survives as one of the most disturbing accounts of blood-lust in Tennessee history. Loyal to the British Crown during...


 2021-04-05  1h16m