Even the Podcast is Afraid

Even the Podcast is Afraid covers the real life & fictional horrors of true crime, the paranormal, the unexplained, & creepy pastas. Giving you a researched and comedic approach to serial killers, cults, demons, aliens, & all sorts of macabre history. Hosted by Jared Ordis, Nick Porchetta, & Samantha Vazquez


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episode 56: Fred & Rose West Part III: Dirty Little Secrets

In part three of seven of this series, we continue into the story of the serial killer couple, Fred & Rosemary West. Rena, Fred's former girlfriend, will come back into his life, but this time she would become his wife. We also have the introduction of F...



episode 55: Fred & Rose West Part II: Bedeviled Before Birth

In part two of seven of this series, we continue into the story of British serial killers, Fred & Rosemary West. We introduce Rosemary Letts into the series, looking into her childhood, as she was conceived by parents who both had mental health disorders...



episode 54: Fred & Rose West Part I: Introduction into Madness

In part one of this series, we bring a brief introduction into the Fred & Rose crimes, leading into the life of Fred West. We take a look into Fred's troubled childhood, the two accidents that would cause him massive brain damage, and his first arrest & ...



episode 53: Michael Rockefeller: Mysterious Disappearance & Cannibals

Michael Rockefeller wanted to live the life of adventure & exploration, something far different from his well known wealthy family in New York. Michael would get the opportunity to join an expedition in the Asmat region of New Guinea, with the prospect o...



episode 52: Chat w/ Christopher Garetano & Eileen Stevens, Pi_Rationals "The Mask"

Jared Ordis had the chance to chat with the voices behind Pi_Rational Podcasts Season 3's "The Mask": film maker, Christopher Garetano [Host of Strange World on Travel Channel & The Dark Files on History Channel] & voice actress, Eileen Stevens [Pokemon,...



episode 51: Grady Stiles: The Murderous "Lobster Boy"

Grady Stiles Jr. was an american freak show performer, who was born with a genetic deformity, giving him claw-like hands & feet. Due to Grady's condition, he would perform under the stage name "Lobster Boy" in sideshows. In this episode, we discuss the a...


 2020-07-06  57m

episode 50: Joe Exotic: Letter from the Tiger King, Interview by Mail

The hosts of Even the Podcast is Afraid, detail & read a seven page letter that Jared Ordis received from the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, the main subject in the popular Netflix documentary, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, & Madness. During the four part...


 2020-07-01  47m

episode 49: Creepy Pasta: The Write Place & Ben Drowned

Hosts of "Even the Podcast is Afraid" read some of the creepiest stories & Creepy Pastas from the darkest parts of the internet, once each month, while bringing their own comedic, narrative edits, & opinions as they critique & rate the stories they read,...


 2020-06-29  1h52m

episode 48: Amityville Horror Part II: George & Kathy Lutz

Do you know the true story behind the Amityville Horror movies? In part two & final episode of this series, we head back to 112 Ocean Avenue with the story of George & Kathy Lutz. One year after the Amityville Murders of the Defeo Family, George & Kathy ...


 2020-06-22  1h12m

episode 44: Chat w/ Dr. Lee Mellor, Best-Selling Author & Criminologist

Jared Ordis had a chance to chat with Canadian best selling author, criminologist, & host of the podcast "Murder Was the Case", Dr. Lee Mellor, about his upcoming book "Behind the Horror: True Stories that Inspired Horror Movies", releasing on July 28th ...


 2020-06-17  1h28m