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Every other month, SYFY WIRE will be tackling a new subject for it's EVERY DAY series. Starting in October, host Dany Roth will talk with a new guest every day about a different horror movie for EVERY DAY HORROR. So if you're a glutton for horror or are prone to nightmares, take a chance on us as we indulge in some of the best, the worst, and the scariest horror films ever made.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 38m. Bisher sind 79 Folge(n) erschienen. Jeden Tag erscheint eine Folge dieses Podcasts.

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episode 28: October 28: House of Wax (1953)

Host Dany Roth is joined by Roses, host of the Pushing Up Roses channel on Youtube, to discuss the 1953 Vincent Prince classic, House of Wax. Topics include why Vincent Price is really cool, the remake, if heroin addiction existed in the 1950s, Morticia Addams and more.


 2018-10-28  50m

episode 27: October 27: It (1990 and 2017)

Host Dany Roth is joined by Decider.com Managing Editor Alex Zalben for an episode where we tackle IT in both its incarnations. Discussions include the horrors of birth, the rubbery nature of childhood, what happens when Stephen King does lots of cocaine, if It should have addressed racism, raising Satan and more.


 2018-10-27  57m

episode 26: October 26: Psycho (1960)

Host Dany Roth is joined by Tony Timpone, columnist, former editor-in-chief of Fangoria and all around horror expert to discuss Hitchcock's most famous film. The charm of Anthony Perkins, Psycho's influences on Halloween, why the movie was so successful, creepy cops and more.


 2018-10-26  43m

episode 25: October 25: Jennifer's Body

Host Dany Roth is joined by SYFY WIRE Fangrrls' associate editor Courtney Enlow to discuss 2009's Jennifer's Body. Discussion includes Michael Bay as a career destroyer, whether Dany deserves to be destroyed by Jennifer, the complexity of female friendships, if murder is cool, Skeet Ulrich going out a window and more.


 2018-10-25  36m

episode 24: October 24: Evil of Dracula

Host Dany Roth is joined by comics superstar Vita Ayala to discuss a ton of different things, but mostly the bonkers 1974 Japanese Dracula movie Evil of Dracula. Discussion includes Christopher Lee, Tales From The Hood 2, when your roommates make stupid choices, 10 minutes of boobs and more.


 2018-10-24  49m

 2018-10-23  47m

episode 22: October 22: The Craft

Host Dany Roth is joined by io9's Beth Elderkin to discuss the wonder and wonderfulness that is 1996's The Craft. Witches! Sexism you didn't realize at the time was sexist! How the movie was supposed to be PG-13! 90s Marcia Brady! This and more is discussed.


 2018-10-22  55m

episode 21: October 21: Society

Host Dany Roth is joined by Max Tedaldi, co-host of the Official Wynonna Earp Podcast to discuss the zenith (or nadir) or body horror: 1989's Society. Discussion includes buttheads (literal and figurative), soap opera hair, the rich eating the poor, incest, potential sequels and more.


 2018-10-21  39m

episode 20: October 20: The Sacrament

Host Dany Roth is joined by actress and host Whitney Moore to discuss the underrated 2013 film The Sacrament. Discussions include how today is the best time for cults, how the hell the Proud Boys sprung out of Vice, Jonestown, whether Hereditary is brilliant or awful and the important film Birdemic (starring Whitney).


 2018-10-20  43m

episode 19: October 19: The Wicker Man (1973)

Host Dany Roth is joined by Paul Schuler, the host of Youtube series Music Movies, to discuss the very British, very 70s movie The Wicker Man. Discussion includes how this movie could only have been made then, Christopher Lee coming to the rescue, cults, 70s sexy and more.


 2018-10-19  41m