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Why do we cry? Did cavemen really carry clubs? Can swearing make you stronger? On ELT, you call with a question, we find you an answer. Our helpline is open 24-7. Call 833-RING-ELT or send an audio message to elt@gimletmedia.com.


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What Did People Eat 10,000 Years Ago?

After unearthing a 10-year-old bottle of maple syrup in his pantry, listener Taylor wants to know: What sorts of ancient foods do archaeologists find?


 2021-12-13  22m

Jeremy’s Muscle Car: An Update

On our “I Did it For Love” episode, listener Jeremy told us about a 1968 AMX that he was buying to surprise his dad.


 2021-12-10  3m

I Did It for Love

What have you done for love?


 2021-12-06  36m

Kangaroo Pouch: A Four-Star Hotel of Horrors

The inside scoop on kangaroo pouches, and the other TSS: Toxic Squash Syndrome.


 2021-11-22  26m

Auctioneers: Why Do They Talk Like That?

This week, we’re replaying one of our favorite episodes.


 2021-11-15  24m

Important Message from Flora

Flora is back with some news, and a request.


 2021-11-10  1m

Can I Bury a Body in My Yard?

Goodbye backyard BBQs, hello backyard burials.


 2021-11-01  28m

Worms and Pelicans: Dentistry’s Rotten History

ELT exposes the roots of tooth care.


 2021-10-25  27m

What the Flock Is in My Chimney?

Hint: It’s not Santa.


 2021-10-11  25m

How Squirrels Track Their Nuts

Squirrels bury a lot of nuts. Here’s how they find them.


 2021-09-27  18m