Everybody Loves Everybody Loves Raymond

In a heady mix of narrative improv and TV rewatch, each week follows the Barone Boys as they rate Ray's performance in each episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, while trying to make their way in beautiful Lynbrook, New York. Just remember - it's not really about the show.


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episode 7: Every Sport (Paper) Network / 2.7 Working Late Again

Unless some of Alex and Mike's joint paper football press conference livestream accidentally ended up at the start of this episode, it kicks off with the latest in Mike's living situation, Alex's campaign breakfasts, and Adam's work on the first annual Lynbrook Chip Fest (context, context)...



episode 6: Delidogtessen / 2.6 Anniversary

Adam and Alex welcome new co-host Mike E (wink emoji) to the Raycreational vehicle for a spirited discussion about the witness protection program (unrelated), Alex's campaign promise of a swoler Lynbrook, and Adam's unsuccessful Enchantment Under the Sea dance for the RV people. Then, it's time to talk about Season 2, Episode 6 of Everybody Loves Raymond, "Anniversary...



episode 5: The Canada Dry Nesting Doll Hour / 2.5 Golf (w/ Khalonji Bulluck)

Mike's still missing after his backyard barbecue with the Flat Earth people, so returning champion and newly-minted husband Khalonji Bulluck joins Adam and Alex in the Winneraygo to give us an update on whether Raymond's made it into his book yet, whether he's kept up with the show since his last appearance, and most importantly, go scene-by-scene through Season 2, Episode 5 of Everybody Loves Raymond, "Golf...



episode 4: Riding with the King / 2.4 Mozart

Before you listen to this episode, you must look at this picture and this picture. Commit them to memory. Then, listen along as the Barone Boys catch up about Adam's park-crossed lovers, Mike's concerning living situation, and Alex's plan to give Lynbrook its very own Meet Dave. Plus, there's 4 or 5 or 45 variations on the Marie Barone Funko Pop, Flat Only, and a political mystery box...



episode 3: Firehosed / 2.3 Brother (w/ Alexa Madison)

Returning champion Alexa Madison (dear friend to Mike and Alex, dearest friend to Adam) catches up with the Raycreational Vehicle to air some domestic concerns, talk about cruise disasters and maritime tragedies, and reveal whether she's kept in touch with Ray since her last appearance. Then, they go scene-by-scene through Season 2, Episode 3, covering nonpareils, asking your sibling to the movies, and the exact date and time Ray and Robert sit down to watch the game...


 2022-11-02  1h26m

episode 2: Shake It 'til You Bake It / 2.2 Father Knows Least

Before diving into "Father Knows Least," the Barone Boys settle a dispute through active listening, learn about the underground economy at the RV park, and grapple with the Viagra of politics. Then, they go scene by scene through Season 2, Episode 2, covering Linda Kash, the chicken commercial, and, unfortunately for our inbox, parenting. Plus, Adam is nickeled as well as dimed, Alex seeks a prospective candidate, and Mike loses his mind...


 2022-10-26  1h25m

episode 1: The World People / 2.1 Ray's on TV

From their new mobile studio, the Winneraygo, the Barone Boys share what they've been up to since the Season 1 finale and commit to keeping their personal lives off mic. Then, it's back to business with a scene-by-scene breakdown of Season 2, Episode 1, "Ray's on TV"! Along the way, they touch on the aspect ratio (important!), the antigravity opening, and get hung up on Kevin again. Plus, Adam embraces the RV lifestyle, Alex flirts with politics, and Mike screams at us about Howie Rose...


 2022-10-19  1h27m

The BarONUS zONUS & You

Before we return for Season 2, Adam & Alex announce some exciting business developments from the Madison Square Garden parking garage. Go to postfun.org/donate to pay what you want for access to monthly bonus episodes in the BarONUS zONUS! This month, we've brought to life a fan-written episode of Raymond - go check it out! From now on, hit forums.postfun.org to submit your Raymembrances, Judge Debras, and more! We love you!


 2022-10-12  12m

episode 22: 1.22 Why Are We Here?

Eager to pull the Big Prank, the Barone Boys flip the format and dive right into the Season 1 finale of Everybody Loves Raymond, "Why Are We Here?" As they break down the episode, they discuss the little guy who played Death, St. John's University, and the space behind the stairs (again). Then, it's time for the auction winner to arrive and press the button that will solve all of our problems...


 2022-10-05  1h23m

episode 21: 1.21 Fascinatin' Debra

The mayor of Lynbrook, now firmly in the Jokers' pockets, sends the Barone Boys a cease and desist. Thoroughly galled, they muckrake the mayor's unfree and unfair elections, discover the Jokers' ultimate goal, and tee up the endgame. After sharing the details of their hectic lives, they break down Season 1, Episode 21 of Everybody Loves Raymond, because that's what this show is about...


 2022-09-28  1h26m