Round Springfield

Round Springfield is a Simpsons-adjacent podcast hosted by Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott where they interview writers, directors, showrunners, and voice-actors from the Simpsons-verse on their various paths to Springfield, failed pilots, other projects, and beyond. In this 20-episode limited series, you'll hear David X. Cohen talk Futurama, Josh Weinstein talk Mission Hill, and Yeardley Smith dig deep into her diverse path of becoming Lisa Simpson.

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Carolyn Omine

We're joined by one of the longest serving Simpsons writers, Carolyn Omine! We'll chat about her long history with the show, and how she got her start in showbiz. She'll throw us back to her childhood in Hawaii and how formative that was for her...


 2020-03-02  1h24m

Josh Weinstein

Josh Weinstein talks really fast in this one. He tries to talk about every single show he's worked on post-Simpsons.  Mission Hill! In Search of the Partridge Family! The Mullets! And, so much more. Can he recall 'em all? Will he have to return...


 2020-02-17  1h17m

Tim Long

We're thrilled to share our conversation with writer Tim Long! We'll talk at length about the feature film he wrote called The Exchange, which is currently in post production. He'll briefly discuss the time he had to explain The Simpsons to basketball...


 2020-02-03  1h6m

Yeardley Smith

This week, we’re trilled to shared our conversation with Yeardley Smith — the voice of LISA SIMPSON. She’ll throw us back to her childhood and opens up about her journey to The Simpsons. We’ll chat about her podcast — one of our favorite...


 2020-01-20  1h6m

David X. Cohen

Welcome to Round Springfield! In this 20-episode limited series, Allie and Julia interview writers, directors, showrunners, and voice-actors from the Simpsons-verse on their various paths to working on The Simpsons – other projects,  failed...


 2020-01-06  1h12m

Round Springfield - coming January 2020

Howdily doodily! We wanted to give everyone an update on what we've been up to during our break. Amusement Parks! Allie got taller! New exercise routines with our cats! Investing money on pumpkins! We're currently hard at work to bring you our brand...


 2019-10-28  24m

Marge vs. The Monorail

Well, this might be the moment you've been waiting for since we started the podcast more than four years ago. We're finally going to chat about "Marge vs. The Monorail," join us for one last episode of Everything's Coming Up Simpsons! We're going to...


 2019-07-29  1h13m

Allie and Julia HAVE NEWS

We've been doing this show for nearly four years now! We're going on a break, but will be back in the near future. In this episode, we'll share a behind the scenes look at the origins of the show, and recall some of our favorite moments. Plus, we'll...


 2019-07-23  36m

Summertime in Springfield

Join us as we relive some of our favorite Summer moments from The Simpsons. We're going to Mount Splashmore, Itchy and Scratchy Land, and making a stop in Australia. That's not all – plenty of fun awaits,  buckle up kids school's out for Summer!


 2019-07-08  53m

Pride in Springfield

Pride month may be over, but this week we'll celebrate Pride in Springfield! Join us as we reflect on some of our favorite LGBTQ moments and characters from The Simpsons.


 2019-07-01  51m