The Great American Houseboat


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Exodus Americanus 219: German Boarer Story

Get it hot and fresh and start your weekend with the Great American Houseboat! Game journalism Throwback games The Dune Rock Pass 2: Electric Boongaloo Make yourself viable EX:AM Exclusive D M X A good man Come home brother Work story hour The cutest...



Exodus Americanus 218: Big Dock Energy v2

Coming off of a week from hell, Roscoe and Walrus show you how it's done. In this particular case, showing you how it's done means facing the worst of the worst and finding hope through family, faith, and community. We love you all, and can't thank...



Exodus Americanus 217: Collapsitarian Political Processes

This very special week, we bring you two hours of hot, steamy, thick and juicy Houseboat podcasting! It's Walrus and Roscoe just doing what they do best! More productive than drinking The house boat challenge Fallen statues Don't be a sperg After the...



Exodus Americanus 216: Ave, Trve to Dvmpster

Another week, another trip around the lake! This week Walrus and Roscoe look at yet another terrible week and laugh, and regale you with those working class stories you just love to hear! Trips to cooba Schrodinger's fear The Chad Death Walking...



Exodus Americanus 215: Congolese Penis Magic

All aboard! Come aboard the Houseboat as we talk about our weekend, the week that was, and more! Take 2 Cultural double standards OI VEY!!! The Dindula effect Out but not down Tinfoil Trophy Old Time Thottery Barn Mom's Spaghetti Minimal effort...



Exodus Americanus 214: Big D*cc Walrus Cucks all of Yankeedom

This week the boys looks back on what was yet another week. Work stories, general bitching, and some big brain stuff that might get us rocked.  Happy Independence day Walrus mating season Pickett's Charge We predicted this TASOS Roscoe got...


 2020-07-04  2h31m

Exodus Americanus 213: Roscoe Jones and the Dumpster of Doom

After a week off, the Houseboat hodown is back on the lake! Walrus and Roscoe lay it out, tear it open, and throw it down! Shift work Pinniped Migration Noosecar Fake holidays Start Spangled racisms Milo playing Deep Throat Old Time Thottery Barn DMX...


 2020-06-27  2h30m

Exodus Americanus 212: Right Wing Brain Parasites

Chaz Has Fallen How it could be done better Work exploits Shout out to those 2 bros Denny's is gay Roscoe's Work Stories MindParasites DMXlemore Questions from the audience Walrus Brewing White people music How to help everything Officer did nothing...


 2020-06-14  2h12m

Extradus Americanus, The Fireside Chads ft Seax

This week, we have Walrus interviewing Seax about life as a self-employed carpenter up in Maine. Seax's Podcast: Seax's Blog/writings: For Questions, topic suggestions, or if you'd like to come on and talk a bit about your industry, reach out to:...


 2020-06-11  39m

Exodus Americanus 211: Hacksaw Jim Duggansim

This week Walrus and Roscoe talk about glow in the dark riots, and the proper way to interact with them. They also respond to twitter questions and open up some mail! email: Steam Codes Roscoe : 131979457 Warlus : 1080833720 You can send cash, money...


 2020-06-06  2h30m