The Great American Houseboat


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Exodus Americanus #160: Cheese is Cancelled

This week the guys take a stand against everything white people hold dear and cancel cheese forthright.    Closing Music: Sword And Bolter-To The Stars Please send a frozen pirogies to: Exodus AmericanusPOBox 5193818 Paoli PikeFloyds Knobs,...



Exodus Americanus #159: The Modern World Has A Case Of The Mondays

Syd Synex joins Roscoe and Walrus for a trip around the lake, while falling victim to 2 racially charged noise complaints! -Syd's Personal Stand -USS Blackpilled -Midia Penetration -Forest Gump Sucks -Bad Queso -Build A Birdhouse -Music That Rapes...



Exodus Americanus #158: Bellum Non Mutat

This week, Miles Poland of The Godcast ties onto the house boat to help celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.    -Happy Easter food posting -Journalist are still just awful  -How far can you push a Pol?  -Mueller Derangement...



Exodus Americanus #157: Big Bang Bigfoot

This week Kaiser climbs aboard the houseboat for an extra crispy cruise into the night complete with mashed potatoes. Terms Of Fair Use 85 - Discipline https://www.spreaker.com/episode/17479798   Please send Gundam model kits and twenty dollar...


 2019-04-15  2h6m

Exodus Americanus #156: Ancient Chinese Secrets

This week Roscoe and Walrus take the boat out without a compass and get lost every time they try to focus on a topic.    Please send Gundam model kits and twenty dollar bills to: Exodus Americanus POBox 519 3818 Paoli Pike Floyds Knobs, IN...


 2019-04-09  1h32m

Exodus Americanus 155: Ballistic Penises and Aquatic Hamsters

This episode is a big of mess.  The first hour was recorded last week and the second hour is an interview with a gentlemen who his on the cutting edge of aquatic hamster research. -Black Musicians and Candice Owens -Ballistic Penises and...


 2019-03-25  1h49m

Exodus Americanus 154: Not His First Rodeo But Definitely His Last

This week Roscoe and Walrus set sail with SydSenex to confirm Evil Dead 2 was best and that white men building castles to protect their mothers, wives, and daughters from rape is evil. We focus on the most three important words: Do The Right Thing....


 2019-03-11  2h4m

Exodus Americanus LIVE: Killing Time In Texas

Walrus and Roscoe visit with Kaiser from Verbo Tempestas to hunt ferral hogs.  This podcast was recorded around a campfire. Fair Use did a special little jingle for the break.  Please be careful driving while listening.  You will...


 2019-03-10  1h51m

Exodus Americanus 152: So God Made a Pirate

This week the lads try out a new live format, recording live on stream.me/ExoAmericanus! Be sure to tune in Saturday evenings at 9pm to listen live and call in!   Please send a new Macbook for Ron to: Exodus Americanus POBox 519 3818 Paoli Pike...


 2019-02-11  2h10m

Exodus Americanus #151: Late But Not Never

The houseboat set sail with Walrus, Roscoe, and Kaiser a week or so ago, but like a tree falling in the woods it almost went unheard do to continued computer problems. Thankfully Jim Vicar from The Fatherland stepped up and did a great job getting all...


 2019-01-27  2h21m