The Great American Houseboat


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Exodus Americanus #156: Ancient Chinese Secrets

This week Roscoe and Walrus take the boat out without a compass and get lost every time they try to focus on a topic.    Please send Gundam model kits and twenty dollar bills to: Exodus Americanus POBox 519 3818 Paoli Pike Floyds Knobs, IN...


 2019-04-09  1h32m

Exodus Americanus 155: Ballistic Penises and Aquatic Hamsters

This episode is a big of mess.  The first hour was recorded last week and the second hour is an interview with a gentlemen who his on the cutting edge of aquatic hamster research. -Black Musicians and Candice Owens -Ballistic Penises and...


 2019-03-25  1h49m

Exodus Americanus 154: Not His First Rodeo But Definitely His Last

This week Roscoe and Walrus set sail with SydSenex to confirm Evil Dead 2 was best and that white men building castles to protect their mothers, wives, and daughters from rape is evil. We focus on the most three important words: Do The Right Thing....


 2019-03-11  2h4m

Exodus Americanus LIVE: Killing Time In Texas

Walrus and Roscoe visit with Kaiser from Verbo Tempestas to hunt ferral hogs.  This podcast was recorded around a campfire. Fair Use did a special little jingle for the break.  Please be careful driving while listening.  You will...


 2019-03-10  1h51m

Exodus Americanus 152: So God Made a Pirate

This week the lads try out a new live format, recording live on stream.me/ExoAmericanus! Be sure to tune in Saturday evenings at 9pm to listen live and call in!   Please send a new Macbook for Ron to: Exodus Americanus POBox 519 3818 Paoli Pike...


 2019-02-11  2h10m

Exodus Americanus #151: Late But Not Never

The houseboat set sail with Walrus, Roscoe, and Kaiser a week or so ago, but like a tree falling in the woods it almost went unheard do to continued computer problems. Thankfully Jim Vicar from The Fatherland stepped up and did a great job getting all...


 2019-01-27  2h21m

Exodus Americanus: Limited Run Collector's Edition

Roscoe and Jim take the Houseboat out onto the lake and generally meander around, and accomplish next to nothing, but manage to be pretty entertaining during the entire thing.   Please send 150 single dollar bills to: Exodus Americanus POBox 519...


 2019-01-23  1h11m

Exodus Americanus #150: Whale Of A Time

Setting sail for the One Hundred Fiftyith time, the houseboats standard crew of Roscoe, Walrus, and Jim come loaded with tales of multiple species of deadly animals and neurotic Red Sea pedestrians living in places they shouldn't.  Also, for an...


 2019-01-09  2h41m

Exodus Americanus #149: As Golden As Lions

-The Eat Shit-Bot -US Journalists Are Too Comfy -AEIOU, sometimes Y -We Have Many Jims -Our Christmas Card List -Oh, Andrew, Fox Bummer -Candide, By Voltaire 1:05 -Terms Of Fair Use 77: Book Of Luke...


 2018-12-24  2h57m

Exodus Americans #148: From Vanilla To Chocolate

This week Roscoe, Walrus, and Jim set sail only to be greeted with Roscoe's best Australian accent. Also a story involving eels isn't he most disturbing story covered. -Child Abuse Is Never Amazing -Vidya -Moly-new -Terror-fed Toy 53-Terms Of Fair Use...


 2018-12-20  2h10m