The Great American Houseboat


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Exodus Americanus 173: Manifest Boarstiny

This week Walrus and Roscoe look back on times and men long passed into the depths of history. This ones for them! Rest in Peace Richard "Sky King" Russell Charlottesville Anniversary Leftist larping Don't medicate your kids The mentally disabled Our...


 2019-08-12  2h26m

Exodus Americanus 172: Tales of Suspenseful Horror Vol 213

This week Walrus and Roscoe do their stone solid best not to post cringe or imply that the federal government is somewhat untrustworthy.  Conspiracies are Terrorisms Lookout FTN Cover-ups on cover-ups Paranormies on watch Seinfeld lost 9/11...


 2019-08-05  1h48m

Exodus Americanus 171: Local 213 Warbride Union

Royal Crown Tiny Robinson The latest hit piece Listen to Skrewdriver Stürmführer Jones Jews will betray you Public school swinging Your kids are their lab rats Too much modernity warning: Ultimate Shit-test Failure Old Time Thottery Barn DMXanson ...


 2019-07-29  2h6m

Exodus Americanus 170: Nuclear Aquatic Scale-Boars

Wooo-weee! Roscoe and Walrus are back, and somehow manage not to talk about anime or comic books! It's a fun jaunt, a ton of white pills, and more fun than you can shake a stick at!   Subscribe to James Allsup Black outs Learn something useful...


 2019-07-22  2h10m

Exodus Americanus 169: Devilish Deals

This week Walrus and Roscoe cover the important stories that YOU need to know about! Or we have a good old fashioned talk about whatever floats across our desktops.    Please send cash, money orders, or a wood lathe to: Exodus...


 2019-07-15  1h53m

Exodus Americanus 168: Two Hours of We Told You So

This week we welcome the esteemed and celebrated host of the Paranormies Johnny Monoxide on to the show to discuss the sudden and unexpected arrest of Jeffery Epstein. Strap in tight, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.  ALSO INSIDE: A brand new...


 2019-07-08  2h18m

Exodus Americanus 167: Ngo Go Zones

This week Walrus and Roscoe do everything in their power to avoid talking about current events, again. It's Berserk posting, and some modernity to keep you properly disgusted.    Please send cash, money orders, or gunpla model kits to:...


 2019-07-01  1h50m

Exodus Americanus 166: Trans-inclusive Lizard Person DLC

This week Walrus and Roscoe keep their feet out of the muddy water, and do their best over the course of three hours not to puke into the lake. Soggy Policy Boys Home Improvement Bigot of the Hill A touch of anime By gun or by truck Nibbas in...


 2019-06-24  2h48m

Exodus Americanus 165: Greet the Darkness

This week Walrus and Roscoe give the Houseboat everything they have got, and still manage to touch almost none of their prep. It's a harrowing ride into the darkest hours before dawn, but as always we are here to ride shiny and chrome until the...


 2019-06-19  2h17m

Exodus Americanus 164: The Alt Lite Goes to Jupiter to get more Stupider

As per one of the Houseboats oldest traditions, this week we spend an hour straight up dragging the absolute hell out of the Alt Lite, followed by an hour of reports from deep within Clown World.   Please send cash, money orders, or MREs to:...


 2019-06-11  1h50m