The Great American Houseboat


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Exodus Americanus #54 The PQ

Strap in tight for another wild ride on the Great American Houseboat! This week, Roscoe sits in the left seat, joined by Matty Midwest and Wooderson, as they tackle the pedophile question. It gets real fucking gross.  Also note this our first...


 2017-02-21  2h19m

Episode 53 - Exodus/Fashionus

A bold new day, a bold new direction for Exodus Americanus! With legendary producer Mr Stone returning to the BMX track to spread the gospel of DMX, Roscoe and Wooderson are left to man the vessel.     


 2017-02-07  2h8m

Episode 52 - Exodus/Paranormus

Johnny Monoxide joins us for a shitpoasty jaunt about people we love, people we hate, and why he loves to masturbate to anime.


 2017-01-30  2h1m

Episode 51 - Houseboat Headspace

Join us on the high seas as we aim our deck cannons at anything that moves, with special guest Beardson, and you can learn how to adopt the Houseboat Headspace.


 2017-01-23  1h42m

Episode 50 - Executions/Americanus

On yonder sea of fire, a houseboat crests the waves, unscathed and undaunted.   Set sail with us once again as we stare into the abyss and refuse to blink.


 2017-01-16  2h2m

Episode 49 - Canada: America's Greatest Moose-take

This week on the show returning guest Bill Marchant(@bmarchant3) joins us to talk about the most deadly animal in North America, the moose, and the disastrous consequences for man caused by Canadian culture.   Roscoe (@poeticaranger) Stone...


 2017-01-09  1h48m

Episode 48 - White Trashionalism

Matt @mattymidwest joins Stone and Roscoe for a lengthy discussion on the JQ and future of the alt-right.


 2017-01-02  2h6m

Rocky IV Chapter 1

We continue our reading of an Italian-American classic.


 2016-12-24  25m

Episode 47 - Xmas/Americanus

A day late, but no shekels short. The good ol' goys come at you hard and fast with some Christmas posting, some Turk Roaching, and a bit of Electoral College posting.  See if you can follow along with the random segues into completely unrelated...


 2016-12-20  1h29m

Rocky IV - Prologue

Join Roscoe as he reads from one of his favorite novels, the novelization of the movie Rocky IV. 


 2016-12-19  20m