The Great American Houseboat


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Exodus Americans #147: The Beef Greased Itself

 Roscoe, Walrus, and Jim set sail again on the houseboat and impart a little wisdom in the process. Your real friends want the best for you, even when you don’t want it for yourself. -No More Black Pills -Even Styx Isn’t Safe -It’s Really A...


 2018-12-12  2h30m

The Fireside Chads #4: Rudy

This a very special episode of The Fireside Chads.  Roscoe is joined by Rudy, traveling on the road from the Fields trail in Charlottesville, VA. -Life Finds A Way ----- Jacob Goodwin #1931215 Coffeewood Correctional Center, 12352 Coffeewood Dr.,...


 2018-12-07  44m

Exodus Americanus #146: All I Want For Christmas Is EU Collapse

Aujourd'hui, Roscoe, Walrus, and Jim célèbrent la succès de notre frères et soeurs en France.  Donc ils discutent un singe très triste et des autres choses. -Break Out The Guillotine! -Terms Of Fair Use #75 REE And React -Whacha Doing With...


 2018-12-03  2h20m

Exodus Americanus #145: The Hermeneutics Of Gay Pilgrims

Host Walrus is joined by Roscoe and occasional guest Jim for another fantastic voyage of the houseboat!       Host Walrus is joined by Roscoe and occasional guest Jim for another fantastic voyage of the houseboat! -Tribute To Media...


 2018-11-26  1h54m

Exodus Americanus #144: America Is Rome Plus Diversity

Today the houseboat crew is joined by Miles Poland of The Godcast for some really weird news stories and a bit of reflection on the modern world. -Chick-Fil-A -The Godcast -Girls In The Boys Lockerroom ...


 2018-11-19  2h4m

Exodus Americanus #143: Stefan Molyneux is the Opposite of World War 1

Roscoe and Walrus set sail with Ron yelling up from the engine room. -Veterans Day -Not Culturally Compatible -Ethnoglobalism Is Environmentalism -Stranger Than Fiction -A Quarter Of The Price Of An F35 -What Did Tucker Read?  Who Did Tucker Talk...


 2018-11-12  1h48m

The Fireside Chads #3: Pre-Election Biz

On this very special episode of The Fireside Chads, Walrus Aurelius sits down with Biz to discuss what normal people feel going into this election.   Thank You: Mena, AR High School Concert Choir for the closing song   Send Rural King...


 2018-11-06  1h48m

Exodus Americanus #142: Bricks Are Domesticated Rocks

This week Southern Dingo joins the houseboat to talk about getting raped by turtles among other things.   -Lying Whores Get Got -Tossing Tacos -Baldwin Posting -Crazy Commie Cunt ...


 2018-11-04  2h4m

Exodus Americanus #141: A Hamster Chooses, A Gerbil Obeys

A brief sail with the houseboat, featuring Walrus and Roscoe together with Jim calling in briefly from Mrs. Warthog's steel vagina shaped trap.   -Spooks (Spies) -Hamster Lives Matter -Fighting For The Lives Of Our Grandchildren -Have A Blast In...


 2018-10-31  1h51m

Exodus Americanus #140: A Better Path

Set sail with Roscoe, Walrus, and Jim for the dissident right's number one suicide prevention podcast.  To think, all we wanted to start with was just a little ethics in gaming journalism. -Get Your Hair Cut -Dildo Man Does Dildo Thing...


 2018-10-25  2h0m