Explaining to Austin

Trans woman writer Peyton and hunk chef Austin have been friends since third grade. Join along on their friendship as Peyton explains to Austin everything from current events, to culture, to movies. The two hosts also bring you the cutting edge in dumb bits, Communism, poop jokes, and Ted Kaczynski news/info. WARNING: listening to this podcast may make you a top target of the deep state. Follow @E2APodcast on Twitter! https://twitter.com/E2APodcast


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episode 30: Ep 30 - Conspiracy Theory (aka Ben Garrison Beets Off)

To close out Conspiracy Month, Peyton tells Austin about Richard Donner's aptly named 1997 film "Conspiracy Theory" and how it ties their journey of the last month into a complete, satisfying narrative. Your hosts share closing thoughts on the themes of ...


 2021-09-29  1h31m

episode 29: Ep 29 - Conspiracy Roundup (aka Avril Lavigne‘s Sleeper Cell Soldiers)

As Conspiracy Month begins to wind down, Peyton and Austin roundup some miscellaneous theories, ranging from the pockets on women's pants, to Avril Lavigne's secret replacement, to Mattress Firm's money laundering, to yet more US officials getting zapped...


 2021-09-22  1h11m

episode 28: Ep 28 - Oliver Stone‘s JFK (aka A Lone Nut from my Magic Bullet)

Using Oliver Stone's 1991 film as a map, Peyton guides Austin into the labyrinthine mystery that is the JFK assassination. This super-sized episode hits all the main beats of the conspiracy, from why the intelligence agencies wanted to kill JFK, to Lee H...


 2021-09-15  2h9m

episode 27: Ep 27 - 9/11: Twenty Years of Questions and Consequences

Peyton and Austin discuss the 9/11 attacks, the failings of US institutions that allowed them to happen, the strange occurrences surrounding them, and the world spanning neocon hegemony and imperialism of the US that resulted from them. Your hosts discus...


 2021-09-08  1h48m

episode 26: Ep 26 - Three Days of the Condor (aka Jihad Against the Deep State)

For the first episode of CONSPIRACY MONTH, Peyton explains the 1975 thriller Three Days of the Condor, its accurate portrayal of CIA treachery, and its prophetic narrative elements. Your hosts also brief you with intel about our fight against the deep st...


 2021-09-01  1h32m

episode 25: Episode 25 - The Riff Zone (aka Pixar's Ratatouille 2: Havana Syndrome)

No movie. No main topic. Just two pals riffing. Peyton and Austin, in preparation for next month's conspiracy themed episodes, have decided that, this week, they're just gonna riff. Your hosts discuss Ratatouille, COVID deaths, Havana Syndrome, random Wi...


 2021-08-25  1h12m

episode 24: Episdoe 24 - Incel Terms (aka The Brave Mujahideencel Fightmaxxers of Afghanistan)

It's a special Explaining To Austin cultural report, as your hosts dive into the terminology used by incels, as found on IncelWiki. These pathetic freaks sure do have a lot of made up racist/misogynist terms, and you're about to learn them all! Also, Pey...


 2021-08-18  1h49m

episode 23: Episode 23 - Cannibals of the Blood Disco (aka Cuomo Sausage Tricks)

Peyton explains the previously lost 1970s Italian horror movie "Cannibals of the Blood Disco" to Austin... but is everything truly as it seems? Also, your hosts discuss sausage sandwich expert Andrew Cuomo's resignation, how weird belly buttons are, and ...


 2021-08-11  1h16m

episode 22: Episode 22 - Death Bed (aka Van Morrison Demon Lore)

With Austin back, Peyton explains 1977's "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats" about a bed that eats people and has a ridiculous amount of lore. For an appetizer, Peyton scolds Austin and discusses her opinion of Blink 182 and for dessert, your hosts listen to ...


 2021-08-04  1h34m

episode 21: Episode 21 - Old (aka Time Beach Crowder Hour) feat. Jack Dump of Haus of Decline

With Alex of the "Haus of Decline" podcast (aka "Jack Dump" on twitter) filling in for Austin this week, Peyton explains the newly released M. Night Shyamalan movie "Old", about a beach that makes people old! Join your hosts as they discuss time beaches,...


 2021-07-28  1h42m