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Kellie Martin On Supporting Healthcare Professionals

"I decided I would be their champion & let them know I'm thinking of them" - Kellie Martin is an incredible actor, best known in medical circles for playing Lucy Knight on ER, who has been an outspoken supporter of healthcare professionals throughout ...



MedLasso Presents: Ted Lasso S1 E4 with Special Guest Annalise Sorrentino

"It makes your heart happy!" - "MedLasso" from Explore The Space Podcast is back to discuss Ted Lasso season 1 episode 4.  Dr.  Annalise Sorrentino is just back from a visit to London where she saw the Richmond neighborhood and the Ted Lasso sights we...



Danielle Belardo On Nutrition, Education And Snacks

"Having a non-judgmental approach is hands-down the most important thing" - Dr. Danielle Belardo is a Cardiologist and an expert on how to effectively educate people around the foods they eat. She joins Explore The Space Podcast to open our 2022 progr...



Kimberly Manning On Joy And Hardship

"I do not want to operate in the space of regret at any point in my life" - Dr. Kimberly Manning is a Professor of Medicine at Emory University and one of the most important voices in American medicine today.



MedLasso Holiday Episode with Special Guest Nicole Kucine

"MedLasso is here to save the day!" - "MedLasso" from Explore The Space Podcast is back for a holiday special edition. This is such a strange and difficult time, hopefully this conversation with Sayed Tabatabai and the wonderful Dr.


 2021-12-25  37m

Megan Ranney On A Turbulent Year

"The hardest part is that we keep thinking we're going to come out of it, then we don't" - Dr. Megan Ranney is a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Academic Dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University.


 2021-12-21  34m

Angela Weyand & Tatiana Prowell On #HCWvsHunger

"We just needed a way for people to feel part of something again" - Dr. Angela Weyand is a pediatric hematology oncologist who started #HCWvsHunger in 2020. Dr. Tatiana Prowell is an oncologist specializing in breast cancer who partnered with Dr.


 2021-12-13  41m

MedLasso Presents: Ted Lasso S1 E3 with Special Guest Fiona Mattatall

"This is what we sit back & watch. It's everything" - "MedLasso" from Explore The Space Podcast is back to discuss Ted Lasso season 1 episode 3.  Dr.  Fiona Mattatall joins us all the way from Canada to break down goal celebrations, Poise,


 2021-11-22  45m

Wes Ely On “Every Deep-Drawn Breath”

"I worked so hard on this, it was a total life journey" - Dr. E. Wesley Ely is a Professor of Medicine & the Co-Director of the Critical Illness, Brain Dysfunction, and Survivorship (CIBS) Center at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.


 2021-11-18  43m

MedLasso Presents: Ted Lasso S1, E2 with Special Guest John Erwin

"I like to go back to people's roots & where they came from" - "MedLasso" from Explore The Space Podcast is back to discuss Ted Lasso season 1 episode 2.  Our friend Dr. John Erwin joins Sayed and I in the Locker Room to cover everything from teamwork...


 2021-11-11  41m