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We are digging into healthcare issues that matter most, our conversations mine these issues for perspective and answers. There is a gulf between healthcare and our communities, this is the place to talk about it.




      Jack Ende & ACP On Gun Violence

      Jack Ende is the President of the American College of Physicians, the largest medical specialty organization in the United States, and he joins us to discuss gun violence. We cover approaching gun violence as a public health issue, the statement released by the ACP in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, and the importance of discussing guns with patients.
      ACP statement after the Las Vegas shooting can be found here. 
      ACP 2015 Call To Action can be found here
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      The Curbsiders On Changing How We Learn

      The Curbsiders Podcast, made up of Matt Watto, Stuart Brigham, and Paul Williams, is changing the way we learn about medicine and education. The 3 docs behind the microphones join us to discuss how they came together, the power of making education fun, and the rise of The Curbsiders.



      Christina Farr On Apple, Amazon, & The Future

      Christina Farr joins us as the first 3-time guest on the podcast to discuss breaking health tech stories for CNBC and the impact Apple and Amazon are having on digital health.



      Sonoma County Wildfires Part 2: Recovery

      As the magnitude of the North Bay Wildfires have become clear, the necessity of looking towards recovery has become imperative. Todd Salnas, who is President of Providence-St Joseph Health Sonoma County, joins us to discuss the transition from disaster to recovery, the importance of maintaining a full battery of energy, and the value of being present for one another during a disaster



      Sonoma County Wildfires Part 1: Leadership

      Over the past 11 days, Santa Rosa and much of the North Bay of California has been in the grips of several destructive wildfires. Chad Krilich is the Chief Medical Officer at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, and he joins us to discuss disaster leadership, building trust in a crisis, and the value of little wins during dark times.



      Rob Patel On Responding To Hurricane Harvey

      Rob Patel is an ED physician who deployed to Houston with a FEMA Search and Rescue team in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. He joins us to share the unbelievable experiences he had as well as what draws First Responders to the task and what holds them together.



      David Berke On Redefining Perfection

      David Berke is a retired Marine aviator, Top Gun instructor, and pilot of next generation F-22 and F-35 fighter planes. He joins us to discuss his article on redefining perfection and we get into an extraordinary conversation on accountable leadership, the importance of discussing mistakes with teammates and the importance of organizational culture.



      Elisabeth Rosenthal On “An American Sickness”& Healthcare Reform

      Elisabeth Rosenthal is the author of a provocative and powerful book on healthcare delivery in the United States called “An American Sickness.” She joins us during a nationwide debate over healthcare reform to evaluate our current state and how to move forward.



      Michelle West On Relentless Forward Motion & Badwater 135

      Michelle West is tough. 135 miles through Death Valley in 120 degree heat tough. She is running the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon for the second time in a few days, her discussion of mental toughness, teamwork, and overcoming extraordinary challenges has something for everyone.



      BJ Miller On Talking About Our Death

      BJ Miller is a Palliative Care physician who has rapidly become an essential voice in helping us change the way we think, feel, and talk about death. This is an amazing opportunity to hear a world leader open up and explore a subject guaranteed to effect each of us.