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We are digging into healthcare issues that matter most, our conversations mine these issues for perspective and answers. There is a gulf between healthcare and our communities, this is the place to talk about it.




      David Berke On Redefining Perfection

      David Berke is a retired Marine aviator, Top Gun instructor, and pilot of next generation F-22 and F-35 fighter planes. He joins us to discuss his article on redefining perfection and we get into an extraordinary conversation on accountable leadership, the importance of discussing mistakes with teammates and the importance of organizational culture.



      Elisabeth Rosenthal On “An American Sickness”& Healthcare Reform

      Elisabeth Rosenthal is the author of a provocative and powerful book on healthcare delivery in the United States called “An American Sickness.” She joins us during a nationwide debate over healthcare reform to evaluate our current state and how to move forward.



      Michelle West On Relentless Forward Motion & Badwater 135

      Michelle West is tough. 135 miles through Death Valley in 120 degree heat tough. She is running the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon for the second time in a few days, her discussion of mental toughness, teamwork, and overcoming extraordinary challenges has something for everyone.



      BJ Miller On Talking About Our Death

      BJ Miller is a Palliative Care physician who has rapidly become an essential voice in helping us change the way we think, feel, and talk about death. This is an amazing opportunity to hear a world leader open up and explore a subject guaranteed to effect each of us.



      Amber Moore On Doctor As Patient

      Amber Moore is a Hospitalist who joins us to discuss her experiences as a patient after being struck by a car. She takes us through that whirlwind, and also through her work as part of a Patient-Family Advisory Council (PFAC) & a member of Society Of Hospital Medicine’s Patient Experience Committee



      Justin Legg On Fear

      Justin Legg @gorillafrog is a retired Navy SEAL officer who is no stranger to frightening situations. From combat in Iraq to acute leukemia to lung transplantation, Justin has overcome obstacles far beyond the normal human experience. He shares his insights on overcoming fear, communicating with your medical team, and appreciating life.



      Eric Byrnes on Surpassing Limits

      Eric Byrnes has made a remarkable and unique transition from playing Major League Baseball to becoming an ultra-endurance athlete. He joins us to discuss the skills and discipline he used in both pursuits, his pathway to completing the Western States 100, and the outstanding movie “Diamond To The Rough”, which captures his journey.



      Karl Meltzer On “46 Days Of Misery”

      Karl Meltzer holds the record for most 100 mile race wins and recently completed the 2,190 mile Appalachian Trail in a record 45 days, 22 hours, 38 minutes. He joins us to discuss his suffer-fest on the AT and overcoming the demon between the ears.



      Michael Cheatham On The Orlando Nightclub Shooting

      Michael Cheatham is a Trauma Surgeon at Orlando Regional Medical Center and he joins us to discuss the shocking events following the June 12th mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. This incredible conversation looks at the extraordinary teamwork and dedication required to save so many lives, the challenge of informing and reuniting families, and the vital role of drilling in disaster preparedness.



      ZDoggMD On Healthcare 3.0

      ZDoggMD (aka Zubin Damania) comes back on the show to discuss his evolution from satire to activism, the Healthcare 3.0 movement, and getting pushback from doctors.