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Dara Kass On The Calendar Fallacy & Creating Change

"When I'm looking for change I try not to wait for an unnecessary landmark. I just start now." - Dr. Dara Kass is an Emergency Medicine physician, the founder of FemInEM and a nationally-sought after expert for all topics related to COVID19.



Stella Safo On Activating Voters In Healthcare

"Our policies are the way we deliver healthcare. If we don't have a say in that, then what are we doing?" - Dr. Stella Safo is an HIV Primary Care physician & Assistant Professor of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Health System as well as a founding member of V...



Shikha Jain On Women In Medicine Summit

"A lot of this work we expect women to do, it's uncompensated & often unappreciated" - Dr. Shikha Jain is an Oncologist, Assistant Professor of Medicine at U of Illinois & co-founder/Chair of the Women in Medicine Summit.



Rod Brooks On Sports Fandom During A Pandemic

"It's there for us to enjoy, & the people who are playing it, they're doing their jobs" - Rod Brooks leads the "Tolbert, Krueger, & Brooks Show" on KNBR, the Bay Area's leading sports radio station, &  is one of the finest sports talk-radio hosts in A...



Angie Rasmussen On Complexity, Failure, & Communicating

"One of the things that's been lost is that complexity & the nuance that's necessary to understand" - Dr. Angela Rasmussen is a virologist at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health who studies host response to viral infection.



Margaret Shapiro On Maintaining Optimism

"When we start to tell our stories, there's a way that we change" - Margaret Shapiro is a writing coach, psychotherapist, and my Mom! She joins us for a very special 200th episode of Explore The Space Podcast. We discuss her immigration journey,



Ankita Sagar On Registering To Vote

"The is probably the most precious 2 minutes you can spend on completing  your Hippocratic Oath" - Dr. Ankita Sagar is Assistant Professor and Director of Ambulatory Quality at Hofstra-Northwell who has had a profound impact on my mindset around physi...


 2020-08-27  38m

Ben Kinnear On Medical Students, Covid-19, & Graduating Early

"Our healthcare systems are totally built in most places to rely on trainees as a cheap labor force" - Dr. Ben Kinnear is an Associate Professor & Pediatric Hospitalist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital who joins us to discuss "Developing Trust With E...


 2020-08-24  37m

Renee Dversdal On Covid19, POCUS, & Taking A Plunge

"This is it, I'm going to have a contribution here, I'm going to do it" - Dr. Renee Dversdal is a national expert in point of care ultrasound (POCUS), the new Chief Medical Officer at Vave Health, & Associate Professor of Medicine at OHSU.


 2020-08-20  35m

Adam Hill On Removing Stigma

"That one person you thought was an "addict," well, that's me" - Dr. Adam Hill is a Pediatric Oncologist & Palliative Care specialist. He is also the author of the stunning book "Long Walk Out Of The Woods" which chronicles his downward spiral & ongoi...


 2020-08-04  48m