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Jessie Allan On #InvestInHer Campaign And Women In Medicine Month

"Gender equity benefits all of us, this is not a zero-sum game" - Dr. Jessie Allan is a pediatric hospitalist for Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine.



Annie Andrews On Sprinting Towards Election Day

"I've been able to do this and stay very true to who I am and why I'm running" - Dr. Annie Andrews is a Pediatrician and the Democratic nominee for Congress in the South Carolina First District. Her campaign has been electric and she is a dynamic & co...



Marie Bismark On Sharing Healthcare Worker Experiences

"I knew that 1 in 10 of those healthcare workers was thinking life is not worth living" - Dr. Marie Bismark is a public health physician, health lawyer, health services researcher. She is now an advanced trainee in psychiatry and serves on the Board o...



Alok Patel On Demystifying Public Speaking

"People don't want perfection. People want to see a human talking to them" - Dr. Alok Patel is a pediatric hospitalist, medical correspondent for ABC News, and host of multiple cable TV shows. He joins Explore The Space Podcast to discuss processes fo...



Gabe Bosslet on Prioritizing Advocacy And Good Trouble Indiana

"If you like fighting injustice, let's do it. This is where we should be" - Dr. Gabriel Bosslet is an Intensive Care doctor, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development at Indiana University School of Medicine.


 2022-08-22  38m

MedLasso Presents: Ted Lasso, Gender Equity and Leadership

"You have to be open to seeing something through a different perspective" - "MedLasso" from Explore The Space Podcast is back! Dr. Avi O'Glasser and Dr. Eve Bloomgarden are here to discuss how Ted Lasso emphasizes an equitable workplace and advanced l...


 2022-08-10  40m

MedLasso Presents: Alex Anderson On The Style Of “Ted Lasso”

"They're just dressing who they are, and it makes sense and you're soothed by them" - "MedLasso" from Explore The Space Podcast is back! We've got a special episode with Dr. Alex Anderson diving into the incredible stye of "Ted Lasso".


 2022-07-21  36m

Angela Weyand On #MedTaste Candy Bracket Challenge

We're starting at new holiday tradition at Explore The Space Podcast - On (hopefully) each major holiday, we're going to have a bracket challenge covering a variety of topics. For this 4th of July, we've got a #MedTaste Candy Bracket! -


 2022-07-04  35m

Shirlene Obuobi On Prioritization, Shifting Paradigms, and “On Rotation”

"I think of priority in terms of both passion & time" - Dr. Shirlene Obuobi is a physician, cartoonist and author who comes on Explore The Space Podcast in the wake of the release of her wonderful new book "On Rotation". -


 2022-06-28  36m

Art Kellerman On Firearm Research and The Dickey Amendment’s Impact

"That was all the CDC needed to know, as in, don't mess with this subject anymore" - Dr. Art Kellerman is Professor and Senior Vice President for Health Sciences  at Virginia Commonwealth University and CEO of VCU Health System.


 2022-06-22  41m