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Lauren Feld On Pregnancy During Medical Training

"It's sort of this taboo topic" - Dr. Lauren Feld is a Transplant Hepatology fellow after finishing the GI component of her fellowship who has written about workforce gender equity and parental leave policies for medical trainees.


 2021-09-16  n/a

MedLasso Episode 7: “Oi!” with Special Guest Jessica Shapiro

"Get amongst it!" - "MedLasso" is back and we're ready to jump into Ted Lasso episode 8. The intro voice from Explore The Space Podcast and my wife Jessica Shapiro joins us and this is absolutely epic. I think you'll particularly like her answer to th...


 2021-09-13  38m

MedLasso Episode 6: “The Whipsaw” With Special Guest Angela Weyand

" You didn't realize I was so controversial!" - "MedLasso" returns this Labor Day to jump into Ted Lasso episode 7. This was a heavy episode, Dr. Angela Weyand joins us to help break down how we're feeling, what's to come,


 2021-09-06  41m

MedLasso Episode 5: “Woman Up!” With Special Guest Shikha Jain

"It's really powerful to see the love you put into people come back to you" - "MedLasso" is back to dive into episode 6 of Ted Lasso season 2. I'm joined by Dr. Sayed Tabatabai and our special guest Dr. Shikha Jain.  We go deep on "Woman Up!


 2021-08-30  35m

Sapphire Stubbs On Naomi Osaka, Mental Health & Inclusive Language

"Sometimes you just need to feel passionate about something" - Sapphire Stubbs is the Director of Marketing & Sponsorships for Racquet Magazine. She joins us on the eve of the US Open and just after Racquet released an incredible new issue guest edite...


 2021-08-27  42m

MedLasso Episode 4: “In The Dark Forest” With Special Guest Jessi Gold

"We're cheering that we are trying, and we are trying to help each other " - "MedLasso" is back in the wake of an amazing 5th episode of Ted Lasso season 2. I'm joined by Dr. Sayed Tabatabai and our special guest Dr. Jessi Gold.


 2021-08-22  31m

Shantanu Nundy On Having a Vision

"We've got to give ourselves permission to have a vision, to dream a little bit" - Dr. Shantanu Nundy is a primary care physician and Chief Medical Officer at Accolade who joins Explore The Space to discuss his new book "Care After Covid".


 2021-08-20  39m

ETS Special: #MedLasso Episode 3 “The Holiday Table”

"I want to be in that world so bad!" - "MedLasso" is back with a quick turnaround after Sayed and I watched "Ted Lasso" episode 4 of season 2! Had to do it, the episode was amazing, we had to talk about it and some some Premium Content out there for a...


 2021-08-14  22m

ETS Special: MedLasso Episode 2 “The Locker Room”

"I feel like I have this connection to a lot more people who are going through the same thing that I am" - "MedLasso" is back! We are 3 episodes into season 2 of "Ted Lasso" and it's been incredible. Dr. Sayed Tabatabai and I jump in with both feet ar...


 2021-08-09  35m

Michelle West On Doing Hard Things

"Be safe & have fun. That's it. That's all I said. Be safe & have fun." - Michelle West does hard things. Things like finishing her 4th Badwater 135, one of the toughest foot races in the world. She dealt with 50 degree temperature swings,


 2021-07-27  37m