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Ricardo Nuila On Talking About Death, Part 1

Conversations about end of life care are never easy, whether it’s about you, your loved one, or your patient. Dr. Ricardo Nuila joins us to consider these difficult but vital discussions, as well as his recent article on the subject in The Atlantic,


 2015-09-08  26m

James Muller On Preventing Nuclear War

Dr. James Muller is a renown Cardiologist and a founding member of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. He joins us to discuss his work helping to prevent nuclear war,


 2015-09-01  29m

Enduring Effects of Civil War Medical Innovations

Jeff Reznick and Ken Koyle from the National Library of Medicine join us to discuss their wonderful New England Journal of Medicine article “Combat and the Medical Mindset: The Enduring Effect of Civil War Medical Innovations.


 2015-08-24  37m

Christina Farr On Health/Tech Revolution, Part 2

In part 2 of our interview with Christina Farr from KQED’s “Future of You” project, we further dissect the scope and implications of the healthcare technology revolution for consumers, patients, and providers.


 2015-08-10  17m

Christina Farr On Health/Tech Revolution, Part 1

The collision of technology and healthcare is causing seismic change on a daily basis. Christina Farr from KQED’s website “Future of You” joins us to help make sense of this rapidly accelerating revolution.


 2015-08-10  22m

Badwater 135 Wrap

Less than 4 hours after completing the Badwater 135, known as the toughest footrace on Earth, Josh Talley and Michelle West sat down to discuss their unbelievable adventure. Compelling lessons lie within that can be adapted by anyone.


 2015-08-03  23m

Badwater 135 Preview

The Badwater 135 is a footrace made up of 135 grueling miles through Death Valley in the hottest part of summer. Two competitors, Michelle West and Josh Talley, join Explore The Space less than 2 weeks before the start to discuss the mental and physica...


 2015-07-19  32m

Faye Reiff-Pasarew On The Art of Medicine

Dr. Faye Reiff-Pasarew joins Explore The Space to discuss how the arts and humanities can indelibly connect patients and doctors. We also dive into her remarkable podcast “The Art of Medicine” and the best places for caffeine in San Diego and Manhattan.


 2015-07-13  28m

Regina Holliday On The Walking Gallery, Part 2

In the second part of our interview with Regina Holliday, we hear about the scope of the Walking Gallery movement, how pop culture fits into her work, and meeting President Obama. Part 2 of 2


 2015-07-03  20m

Regina Holliday On The Walking Gallery, Part 1

Regina Holliday, a nationally recognized patient advocate and founder of The Walking Gallery, joins Explore The Space to discuss her meteoric rise and the power of protest art, social media, and true passion as tools for bringing tangible change.


 2015-07-02  23m