A podcast about museums, science and storytelling, hosted by Emily Graslie. ExploreAStory is supported by the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.




      episode 10: Tyrone's Search for the Giant Rat

      Mammalogist Tyrone Lavery had heard rumors of a giant coconut-eating rat living somewhere, elusively, in the Solomon Islands. But after five years of searching, all he had to show for it was a mysterious poop.  That is, until the giant rat fell...


       2018-06-13  21m

      episode 9: Kevin Discovers a Virgin Birth

      In which we discuss the peculiarities of shark reproduction.


       2018-05-31  23m

      episode 8: Aimee and Emily on Science Storytelling

      This episode is part serious discussion about effective science communication, and part hilarious stories from Aimee's past life as a middle school teacher. An A+ mix.


       2018-05-15  21m

      episode 7: Molly's Gerbils (and Ancient DNA)

      Would you ever think that calling up a natural history museum and asking for their 'crusties' would be a legitimate scientific request? Well, it is, and that's what Dr. Molly McDonough does. She studies mammals and their DNA, sometimes pulling out the...


       2018-05-02  20m

      episode 7: LIVE Stories from Berlin! (Part 2)

      2/2. Check out last week's episode for the first half of the program!


       2018-04-04  34m

      episode 6: LIVE Stories from Berlin! (Part 1)

      Back in January we hosted a meetup for Brain Scoop fans and ExploreAStory listeners at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. We invited you to come and share a story of a time you had a memorable experience in a museum, in nature, or while exploring...


       2018-03-29  37m

      episode 5: Meg, who Lived on Gilligan's Island

      She studies FISH!


       2018-03-13  22m

      episode 4: Sarah, the 'Most Hated Person in Fandom'

      Sarah Ebel has one of the most interesting jobs at the Field Museum, but it's likely not one that would jump to mind if I asked you about exciting museum positions. She's an attorney, and in addition to helping us sort out copyright and licensing...


       2018-02-22  20m

      episode 3: Gabi & Ken Discover New Species

      How do paleontologists know when they've found a new species of dinosaur, or any other extinct life? I have no idea but thankfully I've got a few scientists on speed-dial that comes in pretty handy for such questions. In today's episode we caught up...


       2018-02-07  19m

      episode 2: Ken's Broken Turtle (and other fieldwork mishaps)

      Dr. Ken Angielczyk is an Associate Curator at the Field Museum. While his research primarily focuses on a group of ancient mammal relatives called Dicynodonts, he's dabbled elsewhere in the fossil record, too- but no matter the subject of study,...


       2018-01-24  18m