A podcast about museums, science and storytelling, hosted by Emily Graslie. ExploreAStory is supported by the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.




      episode 10: Tyrone's Search for the Giant Rat

      Mammalogist Tyrone Lavery had heard rumors of a giant coconut-eating rat living somewhere, elusively, in the Solomon Islands. But after five years of searching, all he had to show for it was a mysterious poop.  That is, until the giant rat fell...


       2018-06-13  21m

      episode 9: Kevin Discovers a Virgin Birth

      In which we discuss the peculiarities of shark reproduction.


       2018-05-31  23m

      episode 8: Aimee and Emily on Science Storytelling

      This episode is part serious discussion about effective science communication, and part hilarious stories from Aimee's past life as a middle school teacher. An A+ mix.


       2018-05-15  21m

      episode 7: Molly's Gerbils (and Ancient DNA)

      Would you ever think that calling up a natural history museum and asking for their 'crusties' would be a legitimate scientific request? Well, it is, and that's what Dr. Molly McDonough does. She studies mammals and their DNA, sometimes pulling out the...


       2018-05-02  20m

      episode 7: LIVE Stories from Berlin! (Part 2)

      2/2. Check out last week's episode for the first half of the program!


       2018-04-04  34m

      episode 6: LIVE Stories from Berlin! (Part 1)

      Over a hundred people joined us for a meetup at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin back in January, and dozens shared personal stories of memorable moments spent in museums, in nature, and while exploring the world around them. Here's part 1 of 2 from that afternoon.


       2018-03-29  37m

      episode 5: Meg, who Lived on Gilligan's Island

      Because who doesn't want a story from someone who gets to live out every kid's dream of being a marine biologist on a beautiful tropical reef


       2018-03-13  22m

      episode 4: Sarah, the 'Most Hated Person in Fandom'

      Obama's ban on the trade and sale of ivory in 2016 was a major push to put an end to elephant poaching-- and it came with some secondhand consequences for certain hobby groups. Today we hear from Sarah Ebel, who is a staff attorney here at the Field Museum. Recently she was asked to talk about this new regulation at the annual Fan Association of North America meeting: fans of fans (seriously) whose work was about to become much more difficult, as many historic fans are created with ivory parts.


       2018-02-22  20m

      episode 3: Gabi & Ken Discover New Species

      How do paleontologists know when they've found a new species? Idk, but thankfully I've got a few scientists on speed-dial that comes in pretty handy for such questions. We caught up with Gabriella Rossetto at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science to hear about a particularly eventful field season, & Dr. Ken Angielczyk comes back to share his experience being one of only a handful of world experts studying Dicynodonts; tusked mammal-like animals that lived around 270 million years ago.


       2018-02-07  19m

      episode 2: Ken's Broken Turtle (and other fieldwork mishaps)

      Dr. Ken Angielczyk is an Associate Curator at the Field Museum. While his research primarily focuses on a group of ancient mammal relatives called Dicynodonts, he's dabbled elsewhere in the fossil record, too, including that time a broken fossil turtle shell led to a new discovery, or another instance in which he nearly walked away from a site teeming with Asilisaurus-- one of the oldest dinosaurs ever discovered. Today's episode explores the opportunities we find when mistakes are (nearly) ...


       2018-01-24  18m