Exploring Environmental History

Exploring Environmental History is the podcast about human societies and the environment in the past.


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Resources exploitation and nature protection in the border lands of Qing China

Much research has been devoted to the impact of the expanding European empires and settler colonies in the 18thand 19thcenturies and their impacts on nature and resources. Not much attention has been paid to a similar story unfolding at the same time...


 December 24, 2018  25m

Incendiary politics: histories of Indigenous Burning and Environmental Debates in Australia and the United States

The 2018 wildfires around the globe have been dramatic, prompting headlines about the world being on fire. The 2018 fire season is unusual in that so many places are experiencing major fires at the same time. California and some areas in Australia...


 November 2, 2018  28m

episode 80: The timber frontier of Northern Sweden: a history of ecological and social transformation

Sweden is one of the largest timber exporters in Europe. The country has been an exporter since at least the early modern period. That is not surprising because pine and spruce forests cover large parts of northern Sweden. These forests are part of...


 September 26, 2018  27m

episode 79: Forestry in northern Europe: National Histories, Shared Legacies

Forest history in Europe is often focussed on individual nation states. It is true that all European countries have unique forest histories played out in their national contexts. But there are common traits that all northern European countries share....


 May 19, 2018  36m

episode 78: Kangaroos and tanks: histories of militarised landscapes in Australia

Military operations can have repercussions for environments and landscapes a long way from the battlefields. In the case of Australia most military action during the 20th century happened far from its shores, apart from the incidental bombing by the...


 December 21, 2017  24m

The Watery ally: military inundations in Dutch history

For centuries, the Dutch have fought against their arch-enemy: water. But, during the Dutch War of Independence in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Dutch found an ally in their arch enemy. Their struggle against Spain seemed almost hopeless because...


 June 28, 2017  33m

Water pollution in the Dutch Peat Colonies of Groningen, 1850-1980

In the mid-19th century the first potato starch and strawboard factories were established in the Groningen Peat Colonies (Veenkoloniën) in the Northern Netherlands. The number of factories increased until there more than thirty in 1900. These...


 May 10, 2017  13m

Water resilience in Western Australia since European Colonisation

When European Settlers arrived in Western Australia they brought their own conceptions of water security and agriculture with them. Initially the land around what is now Perth was presented as a green and pleasant land. But the reality was very...


 October 6, 2016  36m

Environmental History of Tidal Power in the Severn Estuary

In recent decades the interest in renewable energy from sources such as wind, solar and tidal power has steadily increased. However, this interest in harnessing “mother nature’s” energy is not new. Over the past 160 years the Severn estuary has...


 September 10, 2016  34m

Cultured nature: The Nature Scenery Act of the Netherlands

When thinking of national parks most people think of famous examples like Yellow Stone and Yosemite in the United States or the Serengeti in Tanzania. These parks are large in scale with an emphasis on wild life conservation and the preservation...


 August 23, 2016  32m