Exponential Wisdom

Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan discuss how exponential technologies are creating massive opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world and the impact of hyperconnectivity on global innovation.


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Episode 39: Parenting in an Exponential Age

Peter and Dan discuss setting boundaries for kids and their gadgets. They explore the potential benefits and pitfalls of kids using technology and growing up in a world where every toy contains exponential technology.


 2017-07-25  25m

Episode 38: The Pace of Innovation

Peter and Dan explore the history of innovation over centuries and the “adjacent possible,” a concept developed by Steven Johnson in his book “How We Got to Now.”


 2017-07-10  19m

Episode 37: Living in an All-Electric Economy

Peter and Dan discuss the massive change coming to the energy industry -- in particular, the switch to an all-electric economy in the next 20 years. With governments and large corporations relying on oil and gas,


 2017-06-11  26m

Episode 36: Predicting the World Series

Peter and Dan discuss the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to make predictions far better than humans, given the explosion in the amount of data in recent years.


 2017-05-26  19m

Episode 35: Science Fiction Becomes Science Reality

Peter and Dan discuss awarding the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, which involved designing a portable wireless device that can monitor and diagnose health conditions from the palm of your hand. The prize concept originated during a lunch with Q...


 2017-05-02  22m

Episode 34: Longevity Escape Velocity

Dan and Peter discuss their common desire to live a long and healthy life, and takeaways from Peter’s recent visit to a cutting-edge stem cell clinic in Panama.


 2017-04-17  20m

Episode 33: Evolution of Humanity with AI

Dan and Peter discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity and the conversations happening around the world on this disruptive, exponentially growing technology.


 2017-03-31  18m

Episode 32: Humanity’s Growth Tension Points

In Episode 22, Dan explained his model of stabilizers and accelerators, and his belief that you can predict the major events in the news. This episode, Peter and Dan discuss how technology is changing the political process around the world,


 2017-03-05  21m

Episode 31: Planning Your Moonshot

The word “moonshot” is a term that comes from X (formerly Google X) and, as used here, simply means a daring, seemingly impossible mission. When most of the world is trying to go 10% bigger, a moonshot is something that is 10X bigger.


 2017-02-06  18m

Episode 30: Next Sexual Revolution

Peter and Dan discuss the implications of exponential technologies reinventing human reproduction. Imagine a near future where the process of having a child is not left up to the vagaries of Mendelian genetics, but to cutting-edge technology.


 2016-11-15  16m