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Fandible is a 2018 ENnie Nominated Actual Play Role Playing Podcast, featuring weekly episodes of both one-shot and ongoing tabletop roleplaying games, as well as additional podcasts about a variety of topics of interest to geeks of all stripes. Visit our website at!

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Dungeons & Dragons: Special Investigators Ep 1 part 1 of 2

“In a country still recovering from the ravages of war, a small town requests help investigating a strange murder: A man has been killed. Twice.”



Wrath & Glory: Dishonorable Discharge 2 of 2

Surviving an attack by the stealthiest of gretchins, the two imperial heroes must now escape the sights of a stubborn commissar.



Wrath & Glory: Dishonorable Discharge 1 of 2

Learning that their next deployment will make them a Tyranids next meal, two brave soldiers of the Imperium undertake an important mission to save their skins.



One Last Job: Red Jack 2 of 2

The two old black hats head off to commit one last train heist.



One Last Job: Red Jack 1 of 2

Called together for one last job, two old hats of the old west must find the location of their now deranged partner.


 2021-05-14  52m

Straight to VHS: Ex Mortis 3 of 3

Finally within reach of their illicit prize, the mediums decide that the best course of action is a form of diplomacy known as "wanton violence.


 2021-05-07  1h1m

SoloShot: Star Wars Force and Destiny, Episode 4×19

On Yavin 4, the Rebels have almost cleared the planet, but one freighter is lagging behind. Castian, Bone, and Lariss begin a search and rescue operation.


 2021-05-06  49m

Straight to VHS: Ex Mortis 2 of 3

Wandering into the Afterworld version of Ex Mortis, the mediums put their heads together to find the whiskey that can earn them a fortune.


 2021-04-30  59m

Straight to VHS: Ex Mortis 1 of 3

Ex Mortis, New Jersey has a population problem. It also has a werewolf problem, a vampire problem and a ghost problem. But when a lunar eclipse happens on Halloween night, can it offer a payday to two bumbling criminals? No problem.


 2021-04-23  1h21m

Administrative Carnage: The Zealous Triceratops 2 of 2

Landing on the planet Idea, the serfs follow their drunken space marine master into the depths of a corrupted hive. Is this the day they finally receive the sweet release of death? They probably aren't that lucky.


 2021-04-16  52m