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Fandible is a 2018 ENnie Nominated Actual Play Role Playing Podcast, featuring weekly episodes of both one-shot and ongoing tabletop roleplaying games, as well as additional podcasts about a variety of topics of interest to geeks of all stripes. Visit our website at!

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Shadowrun: Prime part 1 of 2

Looking for a little cash for the holiday season, three shadowrunners take on a job to reevaluate a rival corps winter selection. Will they find all the answers or will they.. wait, why am I asking this question. This is Shadowrun,


 2013-02-16  1h32m

Chronicles of Darkness: Waking Nightmare

A trip to a new world and hope for a new life for a group of colonists quickly becomes a nightmare as they are awoken to strange visitors intent on stripping them of everything of value, including their lives.


 2013-02-09  2h1m

Final Girl: The First Cut

Thirty years ago, Jeremiah Springs underwent a experimental surgery in Forest Hills Medical Institution, now long since shut down. A film crew is looking for the perfect shot in their first film. What they will find is that is that whatever is left of ...


 2013-02-02  2h3m

Hollow Earth Expedition Ep 6: The Viking Extras

GM Billy takes us to another part of the Hollow Earth as three travelers find themselves the saviors of a movie going audience.


 2013-01-26  2h34m

Rogue Trader Ep 11: Delectable Misery

Two members of the shadow labyrinth crew find themselves stuck on a Dark Eldar world. Will they die a horrible death like so many others or will an unlikely ally lead them to freedom.


 2013-01-19  3h23m

Monster Hearts: Trapped Souls part 2 of 2

Teens need few reason to start a party and a day off is more then enough excuse to celebrate. But this party is not simply a cause for celebration, but a chance for a darker power to get its final wish. Music: Darkest Child by Kevin Macleod Other Games


 2013-01-12  3h7m

Monsters Hearts: Trapped Souls part 1 of 2

Two special guest GM’s take us into the world of Teen Angst and Monsters as we dive hormone’s first into Monster Hearts. Will these monsters find their own place in the world or will darker forces guide their path.


 2013-01-05  3h13m

Part-time Gods Ep 2: Uninvited Guests

A month after dealing with the former god of heroes, the pantheon of Louisville must contend with a new tide of uninvited guests. Other Games


 2012-12-29  2h47m

Dresden Files Ep 6: A Faerie Dresden Christmas

A modern day Willy Wonka, a Genie, a Alchemist, and a Demon Whisperer walk into a circus. It only gets worse from their. That joke is much funnier if your a Fae. Dresden Files Episodes Other Games


 2012-12-21  5h25m

Only War: 99 Problems

Stuck on a jungle moon, whats left of the 14th catachans unit must go through hostile territority to escape a possible bombardment. To do this, they must fight rampaging orks, a new ravenous enemy, and dice that apparently want to kill them. Other Games


 2012-12-14  2h42m