The podcast by, for, and about fandom, hosted by Flourish Klink and Elizabeth Minkel. New episodes every two weeks. Find episode notes and transcripts on Tumblr:



      Episode 72: Alternate Universes

      In Episode 72, Flourish always knew that someday she’d hear the words written on her wrist— In Episode 72, Elizabeth is a florist. Every day Flourish walks past her flower shop and— In Episode 72, “Alternate Universes,” Elizabeth and...



      Episode 71: Lori Morimoto

      In Episode 71, Elizabeth and Flourish welcome back fan-scholar Dr. Lori Morimoto, who was last on the podcast in 2016 to talk about shipping and activism with Rukmini Pande. This time, she digs into transcultural fandom, including concepts like...



      Episode 70: "Our Most Passionate Fans"

      In Episode 70, “Our Most Passionate Fans,” Elizabeth and Flourish discuss the ways that corporate America interacts with fandom—especially when fandom behaves badly—through the lens of the Rick and Morty/McDonalds Szechuan Sauce debacle....



      Episode 69: Fan Tourism

      In Episode 69, “Fan Tourism,” Elizabeth and Flourish consider the different ways that people travel to experience their fandom, settling on a spectrum of fan tourism, spanning immersion into a fictional place to craft-focused television set...


       2018-03-07  1h3m

      Episode 68: Stephanie Burt: Part 2

      In Episode 68, “Stephanie Burt: Part 2,” Elizabeth and Flourish wrap up their conversation with poet, professor, and X-fan Stephanie Burt, covering topics from transitioning in public view to allegorical versus literal representation to queer...


       2018-02-21  1h3m

      Episode 67: Stephanie Burt: Part 1

      Episode 67, “Stephanie Burt: Part 1,” is the first half of a conversation with Stephanie Burt, a Harvard poetry professor and comics fangirl. In this segment, they discuss poetry criticism, the similarities between fanfic and hardcore punk, taste...


       2018-02-07  1h6m

      Episode 66: The Humanizing Turn

      In Episode 66, “The Humanizing Turn,” Elizabeth and Flourish use a Star Wars meta that Flourish recently published as a jumping-off point to discuss tropes, characterization, and what we want from stories, in both canon and fanfiction. When do we...


       2018-01-24  1h5m

      Episode 65: Fandom and Capitalism

      In Episode 65, “Fandom and Capitalism,” Elizabeth and Flourish discuss exactly what it says on the tin: fandom and capitalism, from a variety of different angles. First they read a thought-provoking listener letter about how market pressures spur...


       2018-01-10  1h1m

      Episode 64: The Year in Fandom 2017

      In Episode 64, “The Year In Fandom 2017,” Elizabeth and Flourish talk about...the year in fandom! Sticking to tradition, they start by recapping their 2016 list and seeing how those trends have evolved over the past year; then they dive into a new...


       2017-12-27  1h19m

      Episode 63: Fanworks and Counterfeits

      In Episode 63, “Fanworks and Counterfeits,” Elizabeth and Flourish discuss a recent brouhaha in the Outlander fandom involving fan group closures, counterfeit merchandise, what counts as acceptable fanart to The Powers That Be, and more. Topics...


       2017-12-13  1h0m