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Podcast about building a digital publishing business that includes blogging, publishing websites, website monetization with AdSense and other display ads, affiliate marketing, SEO and pretty much everything and the kitchen sink about launching and growing digital assets.


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episode 135: Website content in an AI world

I discuss how I'm going forward with my niche sites in an AI content world.



episode 134: How to lower risk with a one-site portfolio

In this episode I discuss how to reduce your risk to losing traffic if you have a one niche-site portfilio.


 2022-01-21  15m

episode 133: The Case for Bigger Sites / Mediavine Migration

This episode explains why focusing on bigger sites is better in the beginning and my reason for moving one site and potentially more to Mediavine from AdThrive.


 2022-01-11  9m

episode 132: My new favorite way for hiring writers (unbelievable)

This episode reveals a new way I hire writers that it working out to be the best way to hire writers. I'm getting the best writers ever and it's easy and relatively fast.  I also go over my plans for 2022.


 2022-01-05  20m

episode 131: Is it okay to be an opinionated jerk on your niche site?

Lately I've been publishing some very opinionated articles on my niche sites with strong views. Should you? If so here's how to go about it.


 2021-12-22  7m

episode 130: How to come up with email content that helps SEO traffic

I explain how to create email newsletter content for regular niche sites that also benefits the niche site SEO and content production.


 2021-12-21  22m

episode 129: "The Microscope KW Research Method" (no software needed)

This episode goest through what I call the microscope keyword research method for finding great article topics for your website that doesn't require any keyword research software or tools at all.


 2021-12-20  12m

episode 128: Shoulder Niches, Pivot Cornerstones and Future of Content Sites

This is a discussion about tacking on shoulder niches to existing niche sites, why I do it, how I do it with pivot cornerstones and the future of content niche sites.


 2021-12-17  25m

episode 127: 6 Simple SEO Tips I Follow for Millions of Website Visitors (per month)

This video steps you through my most important SEO methods for millions of monthly website visitors.  It includes:

  • Content strategies,
  • Link building strategies,
  • On-site SEO, and
  • Keyword research concepts.

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 2021-08-31  18m

episode 126: How I Create Affiliate Landing Pages for 56% Increase in Affiliate Revenue

Watch the demo in the video version of this presentation here.

This is just the start.  Only two weeks ago did I start this new "affiliate lander" project for two of my niche sites and it's already shown revenue increases.  The detailed video explains everything about why and how I build and use affiliate landing pages on niche sites, including informational articles to increase affiliate revenue, page views and improve user experience...


 2021-08-18  18m