Fatherhood is Leadership

The Fatherhood is Leadership podcast focuses on how modern fathers answer the call to leadership, evolve as men and build their legacy today. Our mission is to empower fathers across the globe with actionable tools to help them be the best father and leader they can be. We will explore how leadership development translates into being a great father and vice versa. This weekly podcast will feature fathers who are doing extraordinary things and are motivated to pursue their dreams. Guest will share their experiences with fatherhood, leadership and creating a legacy of greatness. If you are a father wanting actionable tools that will help pursue your dreams without losing out on the precious moments with your children..Tune in to Fatherhood is Leadership!


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45: Divorce Reality Check – Civility, Clarity and Common Sense

Jacqueline Harounian, Esq. is an experienced trial attorney and a partner at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. She practices matrimonial and family litigation and has handled a number of divorce, support,


 2016-03-03  29m

44: Boot Camp for Life

With over 20 years of personal development training and a four-year active duty enlistment in the United States Coast Guard, Anthony Drago is now a Peak Performance Strategist who trains the youth in the areas of personal development and proper body me...


 2016-02-17  26m

43: When in Doubt Take Unusually Good Care of People

Geoff Welch is the president and co-owner of DateLine Digital Printing, where his genuine demeanor and irreverent ideas about business have made him a sought after speaker. From classrooms to boardrooms, and from national conferences to the stage at TE...


 2016-02-10  26m

42: Fatherhood is the Anchor of Stability in Life

Dave Beam has been helping businesses for the last 24 years. He is owner and operator of a successful ActionCOACH Business Coaching franchise, and has a passion to assist business leaders create amazing outcomes.


 2016-02-04  27m

41: Creating a Safe Space for Men to Get Real

Larry D. Edwards is the founder & Executive Director of Edwards Mentoring & Social Services, PLLC - a community organization dedicated to the empowerment and optimal social functioning of children, youth and families.


 2016-01-22  35m

40: How to Create Prosperity by Transitioning from Victim to Owner

Dave Schwendiman is a recovered entrepreneur and undefeated competitive runner (the other guy didn't know he were racing). He leveraged 30 seconds of Japanese Cup Noodle fame into a full 15 minutes. Dave is scared of spiders,


 2016-01-06  33m

39: How to Create Your Dream Life 4% at a Time

Gary Mahler is a beach boy who was born a thousand miles too far from a beach. He spends his days finding the perfect wave, chilling in Daikanyama, Tokyo, and savoring shave ice on the North Shore of Oahu. His background is in business administration,


 2015-12-30  31m

38: The 2015 End of the Year Success Inventory

Let's face it, New Year's resolutions hardly work. Research has shown that as little as 8% of resolutions actually are successful. At the end of each year, Devon walks his high-performing coaching clients through a success inventory that helps them fin...


 2015-12-26  17m

37: How to Create a Lifestyle Business and Escape to Something Better

Kimanzi Constable used to deliver bread for a living; Now he writes. You can see his words in cool places such as The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mind Body Green, The Good Men Project, Fox News, and many more.


 2015-12-09  33m

36: Taming the High Cost of College

Brad Baldridge, CFP®, is a college funding consultant specializing in late-stage college funding planning. He provides customized planning using the latest financial aid, tax, cash flow and academic strategies.


 2015-12-03  28m