Fear the Boot, RPG Podcast

Fear the Boot is an irreverent, round table discussion of tabletop role playing games. In this weekly show we debate game-related issues, offer advice for improving your game, and poke fun at the hobby. Our cast changes a little from show to show, but we always assemble a group of dynamic individuals with divergent views, guaranteeing you will hear several perspectives on everything we discuss.


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Bonus Episode 94 – Fairview

* (0:23) Brodeur’s interview of Jim Pinto. * (4:10) The Fairview RPG. * (7:29) A descriptive and contextual character sheet. * (15:35) The game’s replayability. * (19:01) The art book. * (23:09) WashingCon on March 26th – 27th, 2022.



Episode 587 – rocking the afterlife

* (0:35) Brodeur’s syphi-list. * (3:48) Continuing a game after mass-character-death by playing in the afterlife. * (16:43) What happens to the characters that didn’t die? * (20:15) When a player can’t attend their own afterlife.



Bonus Episode 93 – hot gossip

* (0:36) Press or entertainment? The Influence Foundation. * (2:41) Asmodee, Embracer Group, and Miniature Market. * (9:57) The consolidation of our hobby. * (16:30) Shareholder vs stakeholder economy. * (21:48) An important disclaimer.



Episode 586 – questions and prompts

* (0:28) The scheduling crush of Christmas, and some love for Pete Petrusha. * (7:06) The many stories you can get from a single game idea, as demonstrated by For the Queen. * (11:14) The greater number of outcomes possible in story versus crunch.


 2021-12-19  39m

Episode 585 – cutscenes

* (0:28) Brodeur starts off a game session with a cutscene, which becomes its own pun. * (5:02) Other media as a metaphor for how you structure your storytelling. * (6:50) Not withholding player agency for too long.


 2021-12-10  54m

Episode 584 – developing past in the present

* (0:44) When only the shell of a character gets made, for lack of knowledge about the world. The episode where we previously discussed this can be found here. * (13:19) Using an opportunity in the present to expand the character’s past.


 2021-12-07  56m

Episode 583 – does it bring you joy

* (0:33) Brodeur went to Gamehole Con, and Dan can’t take other people’s money. * (8:08) How age changes what you care about. * (10:02) The end-of-year blackhole that consumes our schedules (and, by extension, our games).


 2021-11-24  55m

Episode 582 – degrees of separation

* (0:32) Fear the Con’s room block number is 2413940. You can place your room reservations at this link, which should prepopulate the con dates. * (1:08) Brodeur’s second product pick from the con circuit: Never Going Home.


 2021-11-06  50m

Episode 581 – Gen Con, et al

* (0:28) Dan is the new Brodeur. * (4:51) Fear the Con coming up June 16th – 18th, 2022. * (5:52) Brodeur hits a few conventions. We start by talking attendance numbers. * (15:33) The companies that were conspicuously absent,


 2021-10-26  47m

Episode 580 – compelling depth

* (0:28) Fear the Con coming up June 16th – 18th, 2022. * (2:54) Making a plot that’s personal to the characters, without falling back to cheap shots. * (9:42) If you don’t want purely violent responses, don’t rely on purely violent hooks.


 2021-10-16  1h1m