Fearlessly Facing Fifty™

Do you find yourself standing on the edge of a high dive wishing you could cannonball with fearless exhilaration like you did when you were ten? But you're frozen. What's holding you back? Fear of the unknown? Procrastination? Self-doubt? Others judging you? Fear of failing? This podcast is about making connections and having conversations that will inspire you to action. Amy Schmidt is right alongside you on this journey, and you'll feel like you're sitting on the couch with her, as her guests share their incredible stories and their insight. Let's change the narrative around midlife. It's not a crisis, it's an opportunity. Let's #cannonballwithconfidence We haven't peaked yet; we are just getting started.


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EP 123: Get ready for some MENOPOSITIVITY!

Have you ever found yourself walking around a department store or grocery store wondering where are all the products to help menopausal women?! Well, I've got a solution!  Today's guests  are working to change that.

Sally Mueller is a co-founder & CEO of Womaness. She is a consummate business builder specializing in retail and brand innovation. Her trend-forecasting Midas touch has benefited companies such as Target, Who What Wear, and VERSED skincare, among others...



EP 122: The power of resilience with Brilliance by Brown Founder, Heidi Brown

Heidi Brown is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Brilliance by Brown, Inc., a media company for skin health. On this episode, Heidi shares her journey as a C-Suite executive, and the power of resilience, and what it takes to build a media company, transitioning from the tech to the skin care industry, and the importance of being transparent and providing a holistic approach to womens' skin health and wellness...



EP 121: Go fast and turn left. Meet Kelly Gunther

Meet Kelly Gunther, an Olympian who's story will inspire you.  At the starting line before every race my mantra was, "Go fast and turn left." Meet Kelly Gunther, a retired Olympian in long track speed skating.  The journey to become an elite athlete has its challenges both mentally and physically.

Kelly has always loved going out of my comfort zone, whether she was enjoying the thrill of speed skating or learning to push herself off the ground...



EP 120: Collaboration is a superpower!

Collaboration over competition.  How many times have you heard that phrase?  It's only become a buzzword for 2021.  But did you realize that collaboration is simply a superpower and when you incorporate a collaborative mindset into all you do...magic happens.

Today is a bonus episode all about  a true story of collaboration and how working together you can get further faster....and feel so good about the journey to get there...



EP 119: Off of hiatus and ready to rock and roll

We're back!!!

Tim to kick off the flip flops and lace up the running shoes....a new season with so much happening!

This season is ahhmazing!  Conversations with Olympians, Experts, Though Leaders, Amazing inspirational people that will challenge you and share their stories and insight that will set your soul on fire!

And.....don't forget to register for Meant For More - The transformative weekend for women!  YES.....



EP 118: Hot Flash Inc with AnnMarie McQueen

Join a 'perimenoposse' of savvy, hopeful women around the world who subscribe to my global digital magazine, where each week I cover the latest research, public policy, tech, business, podcasts, products, movers and shakers and more...


 2021-07-09  39m

EP 117: Heartward leadership with Nicole Meline

I believe in spirited movement and revelatory stillness. That we are made to move and be moved in ways that astonish us, lifelong. That physical movement can be spiritually seismic. Breath and sweat are doorways to the heart—noise cancelling headphones for the symphony of our DNA. That ultimately, the metric that matters is joy...


 2021-07-07  34m

EP 116: The Parent Compass with Cynthia Muchnick and Jenn Curtis

Navigating our teens comes with some unexpected waves and currents.  Today my guests, Cynthia Muchnick and Jenn Curtis have authored a book to help you calm the currents and steady the waves.  They are the co-authors of: The Parent Compass.

Bragging rights and bumper stickers are some of the social forces fueling today's parenting behavior, and as a result even well-intentioned parents are behaving badly...


 2021-07-02  31m

EP 115: The "new" mid life with Michelle Newman

How often do we say, "It's not our mom's midlife."  Well today's guest tagged that very thing...the new midlife.  Meet Michelle Newman.... Podcast host of the new mid podcast, and Founder of the new mid academy.   

The New Mid is a frank, funny look at women in mid-life and their day-to day-struggles and successes, as well as the big stuff - questions about meaning, fulfillment and happiness...


 2021-06-30  35m

EP 114: The magic of menopause with Lorraine Miano

 My name is Lorraine Miano. As an Integrative Holistic Health Coach certified in hormone health, and author of the bestselling book “The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back!”, I am especially passionate about working with women in all phases of menopause who have weight, metabolism and aging concerns, so that they can have more energy, less stress and feel comfortable in their own skin.

It’s time to change how we think and act about the change of life...


 2021-06-25  30m