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FOF #2410 – The Curse of the Billy Goat and Other Curses – 10.27.16

It’s been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series- it’s as if a magical curse has finally been lifted. Today, we take a look at curses- the Curse of the Billy Goat, the Curse of the Pharaohs, the 27 Club, the Sinatra Curse, the c[...]


 2016-10-27  55m

FOF #2409 – How do You Pronounce Latinx? – 10.25.16

ow we think about gender identity and sexuality is evolving and some people are having a hard time keeping up with all the new language surrounding these new concepts. Our friend, Professor Larry La Fountain travels all over the world talking abo[...]


 2016-10-26  58m

FOF #2408 – Boricua to the Max – 10.24.16

Dr. Larry LaFontaine is best known to fans of Feast of Fun as the incredible Lola Von Miramar whose first time in drag was in our very first episode of Cooking with Drag Queens where we fried up tostones and smashed them with cha cha heels. Today[...]


 2016-10-24  1h7m

FOF #2407 – The Ashes of Truman Capote – 10.20.16

Our friend, comedian Cody Melcher, is so obsessed with Truman Capote, the late writer best known for his books Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood, that he bid at auction to procure Capote’s remains. Today, Cody Melcher joins us to talk a[...]


 2016-10-20  1h6m

FOF #2406 – Suzy Wong’s House of Yum – 10.18.16

Suzy Wong, the drag-queen alter ego of Arnold Myint, just got her own All-Stars crown, nabbing the top tiara from one of the world’s top drag pageants, Miss Gay America 2017. A busy gal, Suzy Wong has long juggled many plates - drag queen, profe[...]


 2016-10-18  54m

FOF #2404 – The Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2016 – 10.13.16

Every Halloween, millions of people dress up to disguise who they are, but, what they wear as a costume often reveals much about the demons that lurk deep inside. Today, me the fabulous Saltina Obama Bouvier and my sister who is another mister, D[...]


 2016-10-14  47m

FOF #2403 – Kitty Powers Gets Her GaymerX On – 10.12.16

Kitty Powers, the drag queen behind the popular video game Matchmaker, is in heat, traveling the globe spreading her special brand of love with the people. Today, Kitty joins us to give us the top scores at the GaymerX, the LGBTQ themed conventi[...]


 2016-10-12  1h3m

FOF #2402 – When Pussy Grabs You Back – 10.11.16

While the debate was going on, Bianca Del Rio stormed into Chicago to provide much relief from this depressing election with her she-larious new show “Not Today Satan” where she insults the crowd and weighs in on reality TV and RuPaul’s Drag Race. [...]


 2016-10-11  1h1m

FOF #2399 – Drag Queen Her-Story: Y’all Bunch of Straight Dudes – 09.29.16

About a hundred years ago, long before reality TV, folks dreamed of making it big in show business by working the vaudeville circuit, a place where cross dressing was celebrated and loved. Today, Wisconsin drag queen Jaymes Mansfield, a gal with [...]


 2016-09-29  1h2m

FOF #2398 – Becoming Hillary Clinton – 09.28.16

People are so freaked out at the possibility of a Trump presidency that the cast of Will & Grace reunited after ten years to make a mini episode imploring Americans to get out the vote. Today, comedic actor, Vine superstar Meg Grunewald join[...]


 2016-09-28  1h4m