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FOF #2417 – Take the Mannequin Challenge – 11.08.16

Things get heated every presidential election but this current one has lots of folks losing their minds because an Internet Troll named Donald Trump just might become president. Today, our lovable optimist and mental health expert Carma Nibarger [...]


 2016-11-08  1h2m

FOF #2416 – A Salute to Buttocks – 11.07.16

Your derriere is great for sitting, but it’s also awesome for a lot of other things that we were going to talk about but we got a distracted by the Presidential Election that’s happening tomorrow because despite every terrible thing that Donald Trum[...]


 2016-11-07  1h19m

FOF #2415 – The Worst Dating Advice Ever – 11.03.16

The Internet is a minefield when it comes to advice on dating. With so many bizarre articles created by content farms on tight deadlines, a lot of it sounds like advice someone wrote hastily on a bathroom wall. Today, relationship advice columnis[...]


 2016-11-04  1h0m

FOF #2414 – Being Elvira’s Elvira – 11.01.16

Today we’re chatting with Elvira’s only official drag queen impersonator, Christian Greenia, who also runs much of the behind the scenes business of the Queen of Halloween. Listen as we chat with Christian about performers whose characters took o[...]


 2016-11-02  1h14m

FOF #2413 – Trans American Horror Story – 10.31.16

As entertainers, we’ve had some odd jobs over the years to pay the bills but our friend Jeffrey Jay takes the cake as a gymnastics instructor to celebrity babies. Hollywood A listers send their kids to gymnastics to learn how to walk the red carpet [...]


 2016-11-01  1h8m

FOF #2412 – 35 Years of Being Elvira – 10.28.16

Elvira, the gal in the wig whose talents are big– is hard to kill. After 35 years, she’s still going strong with her sold out show, Elvira’s Danse Macabre at Knotts Scary Farm, and she has a new coffee table book, titled simply ELVIRA MISTRESS OF TH[...]


 2016-10-29  40m

FOF #2411 – Who’s that Hot Guy Peaches Christ? – 10.28.16

Our ghoulish gal pal Peaches Christ has impeccable taste for casting some extraordinary hunky performers, which always leaves us thirsty asking “who is that hot guy in your show Peaches Christ? Today, Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at s[...]


 2016-10-28  1h21m

FOF #2410 – The Curse of the Billy Goat and Other Curses – 10.27.16

It’s been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series- it’s as if a magical curse has finally been lifted. Today, we take a look at curses- the Curse of the Billy Goat, the Curse of the Pharaohs, the 27 Club, the Sinatra Curse, the c[...]


 2016-10-27  55m

FOF #2409 – How do You Pronounce Latinx? – 10.25.16

ow we think about gender identity and sexuality is evolving and some people are having a hard time keeping up with all the new language surrounding these new concepts. Our friend, Professor Larry La Fountain travels all over the world talking abo[...]


 2016-10-26  58m

FOF #2408 – Boricua to the Max – 10.24.16

Dr. Larry LaFontaine is best known to fans of Feast of Fun as the incredible Lola Von Miramar whose first time in drag was in our very first episode of Cooking with Drag Queens where we fried up tostones and smashed them with cha cha heels. Today[...]


 2016-10-24  1h7m