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episode 3005: Betty White, Meatloaf, Theirry Mugler and the Great Celebrity Deaths of 2022

Happy New Year everyone! As the Covid pandemic rages on, it feels like too many of our beloved entertainers are gone too soon. Betty White, Meatloaf, designers Thierry Mugler and Andre Leon Talley and comedians Bob Saget and Louie Anderson have all gon...


 2022-01-25  1h0m

episode 3006: Janet Jackson Breaks Her Silence on the Super Bowl

As the youngest child in the famous Jackson family, Janet Jackson has been in the unique position of being near or at the center of some of the biggest moments in pop culture. - Today comedian and music historian Matt Brown joins us to take a look at ...


 2022-01-31  1h7m

episode 3007: Joshua Garver: From a Broken Back to Bulging Biceps

At the age of 17, Joshua Garver suffered a terrible fall down the stairs that left him with bulging discs that required five surgeries and a spinal fusion. Amazingly, during his recovery, Joshua started bodybuilding. -


 2022-02-01  1h17m

episode 3008: Karinda Dobbins is Black & Blue, and Hilarious All Over

Comedian Karinda Dobbins isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. But everyone wants to hear her talk about mini homes, pampered pets and getting ready for Valentine’s Day. - Today the she-liarious Karinda Dobbins joins us to look at growing up in Detr...


 2022-02-07  1h32m

episode 3009: When a Drag Queen Becomes a Bodybuilder

Although he’s new to the bodybuilding scene, Joey Kiening is a pro when it comes to competitions. Joey is better known to fans of drag as Natasha Douglas, winner of the 2016 Miss Continental Plus pageant for queens who weigh 225 pounds or more. -


 2022-02-08  1h10m

episode 3010: Mr Welshy Makes the Muscle Haters His Motivators

Your body is an battleground. Whenever you post pictures online, there’s always someone ready to tear you down because they think you took some magic pill to look the way you do. - Today bodybuilder Welshy joins us from his home gym in Cardiff,


 2022-02-15  1h6m

episode 3011: Feeding the Military Muscle - Jeff Kurtz

When it comes to putting on muscle, if you want to get big, you have to eat big. But what kind of nutrition you need to get there isn’t always clear, especially when you’re pushing your body to get huge and freaky. -


 2022-02-21  1h46m

episode 3012: The Wiz & Fabulous Black Movies We Love with Rachel Hall

As Black History Month wraps up, we’re celebrating our favorite films featuring Black actors, writers and directors we can’t get enough of. Some of the films are mainstream Hollywood but it’s also the B movies and blacksploitation films that hold a sp...


 2022-02-22  1h13m

episode 3013: Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter's Love Story in Black and White

Onstage, Eartha Kitt was as Orson Wells called her, “The Most Exciting Woman in the World” but the one thing Eartha really wanted in life, after suffering an abusive upbringing in the South, was to be a mother. -


 2022-02-22  1h26m

episode 3014: BenDeLaCreme is Looking For Love

Although comedian BenDeLaCreme is happy in a long term relationship, her onstage persona is horny and ready to lay out the incense, wine and candles for a very freaky scene. Yeow. - Today, the White Out bandit BenDeLaCreme joins us to look at dating a...


 2022-03-16  33m