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Apache PLC4X, with Chris Dutz

PLC4X is a set of libraries for communicating with industrial programmable logic controllers (PLCs) using a variety of protocols but with a shared API. Project member Chris Dutz talks with us about what that actually means.



Apache Infrastructure Team, with Andrew Wetmore

The Apache Infrastructure team keeps all of the servers and services running, which all Apache projects rely on. Team member Andrew Wetmore talks the what and the how of that work, as well as what’s new, and how you can …


 2021-10-05  20m

FeatherCast: NLPCraft (Incubating) with Nikita Ivanov

Apache NLPCraft (Incubating) is An API to convert natural language into actions. I spoke with project member Nikita Ivanov about what that means. Prefer video? That’s HERE. More about NLPCraft: https://nlpcraft.apache.org/  


 2021-09-28  18m

Apache Karaf, with Jean-Baptiste Onofré

Karaf provides modulith runtime for the enterprise, running on premise or on cloud. Focus on your business code and applications, Apache Karaf deals with the rest. In this interview with Jean-Baptiste, we talk more about what that means, what’s coming …


 2021-09-14  12m

Apache ActiveMQ

Apache ActiveMQ is “Flexible & Powerful Open Source Multi-Protocol Messaging.” In this episode I speak with four members of the project – Jean-Baptiste Onofre, Justin Bertram, Matt Pavlovich and Clebert Suconic – about what that means, and what’s new in …


 2021-09-07  28m

Apache Heron (Incubating) – Josh Fischer

Apache Heron (Incubating) is “A realtime, distributed, fault-tolerant stream processing engine” Project member Josh Fischer talks with me about what that actually means. Project info: https://heron.apache.org/ Prefer video? https://youtu.be/QD1Pto-HQzc


 2021-08-27  10m

Apache Solr and Lucene – Atri Sharma

                      Apache Solr and Lucene are sister projects, in the search technology space. In this interview, Atri Sharma talks about the plan to make Solr an independent top level project …


 2020-09-01  9m

Apache Unomi – Serge Huber

Apache Unomi is an Open Source customer data platform. I talked with project member Serge Huber about what that means. Prefer video? That’s here: https://youtu.be/EyT0_so-ayI Apache Unomi – http://unomi.apache.


 2020-06-22  8m

Apache APISIX – Nirojan Selvanathan

Apache APISIX (Incubating) is Cloud-native microservices API gateway, delivering the ultimate performance, security, open source and scalable platform for all your APIs and microservices. I spoke with Nirojan Selvanathan about what that means.


 2020-06-15  9m

Cloudstack 4.14, with Giles Sirett

Apache Cloudstack has released 4.14 with a raft of impressive new features. I spoke with Giles Sirett about what's in it.


 2020-06-08  17m