Fell In Love With A Girl: An FC St. Pauli Podcast 7000km Removed

An FC St. Pauli podcast, 7000 kilometres removed from Hamburg! We are the only english language podcast about the best football club in the world. At least as far as we know. We are two Canadians bringing a little bit of Hamburg to the prairies and usually at horrible hours. We'd love to hear from you so please contact us!


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episode 5: Having Nürn Of It!

We finally sit down and talk about the nervy win at Nürnberg, and then get down to the nitty gritty of the topic of the show: Syria's potential qualification for FIFA WC 2018 in Russia. As Syria drew closer to potentially qualifying for Eli Mengem...


 2017-09-15  1h6m

episode 9: MD9 - Reversals Of Luck, Replays Of History

The Boys In Brown go to Lower Saxony and come home with three points.


 2017-10-05  40m

episode 10: Matchday 10 - FCK’ing Ref! (Open your eyes)

THE VIRAL EDITION A full sized episode, but with a minimalist edit. Other than cutting out some silences and (hopefully) all of the coughs and sniffles. We didn’t want to have the episode go unreleased.  It it is a bit of a look under the hood....


 2017-10-20  1h6m

episode 11: Matchday 11-16: Since You’ve Been Gone

Hey, remember us? We catch up to discuss some of the comings and going that we missed while taking a largely unplanned hiatus, especially for the changes that have occurred at the head coach position...


 2017-12-09  41m

episode 17: Matchday 17 - Everything Tastes Like Rosemary

Who do we need to talk to about fixing the officiating situation in 2. BL? Seriously. The first game of the new Kauczinski era. The revolution will not be televised.


 2017-12-13  42m

episode 18: Matchday 18 - Pausing On A High Note

We talk about the final game of the hinrunde v. VfL Bochum, factual corrections, fan rights demands and hint at Winterpause content.


 2017-12-20  1h10m

episode 19: Matchday 19-21: So Much To Talk About

We sit down and talk, at long last about the last three matches, the post-transfer window situation, and the return of Deniz Naki to the headlines. ☠️⚓️🍺💪🏳️‍🌈🏴⚽️❤️


 2018-02-11  1h20m

episode 22: Matchday 22 - A Game Of One Half

Due to a problem with the club’s streaming service, when we sat down to record the pod we had only seen the second half of the match against FCN. So we had to improvise... Shawn made up what happened in the first half, and there’s a drawing on...


 2018-02-14  44m

episode 30: Matchday 30 - A Disharmonious Union

With the the end of the season a mere 4 weeks away, the Boys In Brown needed to rise to the level of their competition at home. We’re trying a couple of new things: We’re trying something a little different on the minute by minute. The first half...


 2018-04-16  1h0m

episode 33: Matchday 33 - Safety Jorts

Such a a relief to secure two wins on the trot and claw back wins against two teams who lay embarrassing defeats on us just before Christmas. We’re safe, the US tour is on, we have a contract extension, but we also have a new long term injury, and a...


 2018-05-08  56m