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Feminist Frequency Radio is coming for your media. Each week, Anita Sarkeesian, Carolyn Petit, and Ebony Aster bring you dispatches from the pop culture wars and invite you to listen in on their entertaining, stimulating, take-no-prisoners conversations about the latest films, games, and tv. They’ll be bringing their distinctly different feminist perspectives to the mix as they celebrate and critique it all. With special guests from all over the feminist media sphere, an assortment of great bonus segments, and your questions keeping them on their toes, Feminist Frequency Radio is there to help you dig deeper into the things you love. Warning: Feminist Frequency Radio may significantly enhance your media experience. Join our community at Patreon.com/femfreq Feminist Frequency Radio is powered by Simplecast


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episode 183: FFR 183: Eternals with Special Guests Teddy Dief and Kim Belair

If you’re a regular listener, you may remember us expressing careful optimism at the news that Chloé Zhao was set to direct an entry to the MCU. Well, ETERNALS is finally here and you can consider our hopes dashed. Two special returning guests are joining Anita on this episode of the podcast: game designer, director, and musician, Teddy Dief; and CEO of Sweet Baby Inc, Kim Belair. Together Anita and our guest try to answer: In a film with no dearth of talent, how did ETERNALS go so wrong?



episode 182: FFR 182: The Manchurian Candidate with Special Guests Dr Kishonna Gray and Paul Spencer

After two separate polls, our Patrons have finally granted Ebony’s wish and selected THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1962) for discussion. In Anita’s absence, Ebony is joined by not one, but two! very exciting special guests: Associate Professor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Kishonna Gray, as well as writer and bon vivant, Paul Spencer. Join us for a lively discourse on this classic political thriller.



episode 181: FFR 181: Dune with Special Guest Jordan Crucchiola

Denis Villeneuve’s take on Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic has finally hit theaters and HBO Max. Anita and Ebony are on hand with special guest—writer, producer, and Lynch-Dune-stan—Jordan Crucchiola to take it apart. There have been several film adaptations of DUNE, and Villeneuve’s version has a lot going on that we are excited to discuss. Let’s get to it!



episode 180: FFR 180: Slumber Party Massacre with Special Guest Jessica Zollman

The podcast returns for our Spooky Season finale with a viewing of the 1982 slasher classic SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE featuring horror super-fan and friend of Feminist Frequency, returning special guest Jessica Zollman. Listen in to join us on this wild ride via the ultimate “thriller killer driller” iconic slasher movie.


 2021-10-27  1h0m

episode 179: FFR 179: No Time To Die with Special Guest Teddy Dief

This week the podcast is taking a step away from October’s spookier fare so that we can discuss the latest Bond movie, NO TIME TO DIE, with returning special guest, game designer, director, and musician, Teddy Dief. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and co-written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the 25th entry to the franchise is also the last that will star Daniel Craig as the titular, not-so-secret-identity, super spy...


 2021-10-13  57m

episode 178: FFR 178: The People Under the Stairs with Special Guest Dave Proctor

We’re back from break, and just in time for spooky season! Joining Anita and Ebony is returning special guest—writer, mental health advocate, video game designer, and friend to Feminist Frequency—Dave Proctor, to take a look at Wes Craven’s somewhat bizarre entry to his horror empire, 1991’s The People Under the Stairs...


 2021-10-06  53m

episode 177: FFR 177: Back to the Future with Special Guest Teddy Dief

Great Scott! We’re firing up our flux capacitors and heading back in time to talk about 1985’s Back to the Future. Recent listeners will remember our special guest from our last episode—game designer, director, musician, and friend of the podcast, Teddy Dief. Chosen by our Patrons from a group of time travel films, Back to the Future (produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Robert Zemeckis) is far more problematic than many of us remembered...


 2021-09-08  1h1m

episode 176: FFR 176: The White Lotus with Special Guest Teddy Dief

Frequent listeners will know that Anita has been dying (not) to talk about THE WHITE LOTUS from writer, actor and director Mike White. On this episode, she and Ebony are joined by video game designer, creative director and singer, Teddy Dief, the discuss the HBO series centered around wealthy white vacationers in Hawaii and the staff catering to their every whim.


 2021-09-01  1h1m

episode 175: FFR 175: Tuca & Bertie, Season Two with Special Guest Annalee Newitz

Anita and Ebony are joined by author, journalist and podcaster Annalee Newitz to talk about the highly anticipated second season (that almost didn’t happen) of Tuca & Bertie. Two years and a hundred episodes of this podcast ago, we talked about the first season of this show and have been pleased to see this season offers even more weird delights from its off kilter bird world, and continues to charm and move audiences with its bracing honesty, sincere compassion, and lots of boob jokes.


 2021-08-25  1h11m

episode 174: FFR 174: Creativity in Crisis with Special Guest Charlie Jane Anders

Anita and Ebony are joined on this episode of FFR by special guest Charlie Jane Anders— writer, podcast host, event impresario and one of the founders of io9, a website devoted to science fiction, fantasy, futurism, science, technology and related news. She’s the author of several books of speculative fiction and “inspirational weirdness,” including Victories Greater Than Death, The City in the Middle of the Night, and All the Birds in the Sky...


 2021-08-18  1h2m