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Feminist Frequency Radio is coming for your media. Each week, Anita Sarkeesian, Carolyn Petit, and Ebony Aster bring you dispatches from the pop culture wars and invite you to listen in on their entertaining, stimulating, take-no-prisoners conversations about the latest films, games, and tv. They’ll be bringing their distinctly different feminist perspectives to the mix as they celebrate and critique it all. With special guests from all over the feminist media sphere, an assortment of great bonus segments, and your questions keeping them on their toes, Feminist Frequency Radio is there to help you dig deeper into the things you love. Warning: Feminist Frequency Radio may significantly enhance your media experience. Join our community at Patreon.com/femfreq Feminist Frequency Radio is powered by Simplecast


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episode 98: FFR 98: Cancel Culture

We live in an era of oppression, in which powerful tyrants are silencing the voices and crushing the careers of brave men who dare to engage in true creative freedom. Or maybe, people long accustomed to operating with impunity are now sometimes finding that there are consequences for their actions, and they don’t like it. This week, we're talking about the much-decried "cancel culture" we're apparently living in right now...


 2019-10-09  36m

episode 97: FFR 97: Unbelievable

Based on true events, the new Netflix series Unbelievable begins with a teenager named Marie Adler in Washington state reporting a rape to the police. The police launch their investigation, but soon, because of Marie’s erratic behavior and an almost complete absence of forensic evidence, they begin to suspect that she made up the attack in a desperate bid for attention. They pressure her to retract her story, and to “confess” that she made the whole thing up...


 2019-10-02  50m

episode 96: FFR 96: Hustlers

In December of 2015, an article was published in New York Magazine that told an amazing story. In the wake of the 2008 Wall Street collapse, a group of women who worked at the New York strip club Scores saw the men and the money stop coming in, so they devised a risky, unconventional, and illegal way to make the money come in. Now the true story of these women and their criminal endeavor is the subject of the new film Hustlers...


 2019-09-25  48m

Special Episode: Gaming's #MeToo Moment

This week, we shift away from our usual format for a special bonus episode. Join Anita and Carolyn for a conversation about recent events in the gaming industry that have lead to what many are calling gaming’s #MeToo moment...


 2019-09-18  31m

episode 94: FFR 94: Life Is Strange 2, Episode 4 - Faith

On this week’s FFR, Ebony and Carolyn continue our conversation about Life Is Strange 2 by diving into the recently released fourth episode, Faith. We talk about a particularly challenging scene in which Sean encounters a pair of racists, the different ways in which we approach the game as players, and the way the game continues to give its characters a surprising level of emotional complexity, and to view them through a compassionate lens.


 2019-09-11  53m

episode 93: FFR 93: Copaganda

Anita decided to forego our usual intro banter this week, so we just jumped right into this week's topic: the social impact of our cultural obsession with depictions of policing. From Dragnet to Brooklyn 99, what lies behind our abiding interest in the people and institutions tasked with maintaining “law and order”?


 2019-09-04  49m

episode 92: 92: The Last Black Man in San Francisco

On this week’s episode, we talk about the beautiful new film The Last Black Man in San Francisco, a deeply personal movie about identity, gentrification, and institutional power. Ebony Adams calls it “simultaneously tactile and dreamlike!” Also, the ramifications of Jay-Z’s new deal with the NFL, and Marvel’s disappointing refusal to publish an anthology introduction that has some (appropriately) harsh words for Donald Trump.


 2019-08-28  52m

episode 91: 91: The Art of Self Defense

This week, we're going toe-to-toe with writer-director Riley Stearns' new dark comedy The Art of Self Defense, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Alessandro Nivola. We talk about how the film brings a critical lens to the socially constructed "rules" of manhood, and to the ways in which men are pressured to perform masculinity among other men in the establishment of a kind of hierarchy. We also discuss how the film works as a kind of response to Fight Club.


 2019-08-21  44m

episode 90: 90: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

**SPOILERS ABOUND FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE -- BE WARNED** Blend yourself a frozen marg and buckle up for this week's episode of Feminist Frequency Radio, in which your Southern California stalwarts cruise up the 101 for a journey into Hollywood Past. This week, we discuss Quentin Tarantino's 9th feature film, an epic* ode to manly men and one uncomplicated babywoman...


 2019-08-14  56m

episode 89: 89: Time Travel and Feminism with Annalee Newitz

Time travel is such a powerful fictional device. It allows creators to shine a light on the cultural struggles and social ills of the present by making powerful connections with the past, and by offering wonderful or horrifying visions of the future. Of course, it can also just be a whole lot of fun! But time travel is uniquely powerful as a tool for feminist writers; after all, feminism has always fought to prevent women’s contributions from being written out of history...


 2019-08-07  57m