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Take 2 Episode 10: Chris White – WhiteLabs

Right on the heals of episode 9 comes another installment of beer nerdness from one of the legends in the brewing community. Chris White! Yes Chris White of White Labs. What! We have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Chris about his backg...


 2019-03-27  1h22m

Take 2 Episode 9 – Thomas Shellhammer – Oregon State University “Beer Doctor”

This episode was a particularly fun one, not that others aren’t, but we enjoy a fun educational conversation with Thomas Shellhammer, PH.D. of Fermentation Sciences at Oregon State University We cover the hot topics of Hop Creep,


 2019-03-12  2h2m

Take 2 Episode 8: Bootleg Biology – Jeff Mello

How to find us: iTunes Facebook Instragram – fermentation.nation www. FermentationNation.net Beer/Brewery News: Sierra Nevada – Resilience IPA – over 1500 breweries, more than $15million raised. Widmer Brothers Taproom closes after 22 years Craft Brewe...


 2019-02-07  1h20m

Take 2 Episode 7: Non-Alcoholic Beer (Non Homebrew Samples)

First a disclaimer: We recorded this episode with an intention of learning more about non-alcoholic beer (excluding Kombucha, etc. Just focused on beer). However we met some resistance in the commercial sector with brewers not willing to share their pr...


 2018-12-03  1h15m

Take 2 Episode 6: Festbier

WOW so much has happened over the last month since our last drop, but we did get a new episode recorded for you wonderful listeners. We must warn you, we did try to do a livestream (unsuccessfully) that may have strained the audio a little, sorry.


 2018-11-06  1h38m

Take 2 Episode 5: Malt, Malting, Maltsters – Epiphany Craft Malt

In this episode we are chatting with Sebastian of Epiphany Craft Malt out of Durham, NC about malt and process involved to take raw barley to the end product… Malt Post recording, Epiphany Malt was used in 2 gold metal beers at this years GABF.


 2018-09-24  1h50m

Vinnie Cilurzo – Russian River Brewing Company :: DIPA, American Sours, Hop Creep.

Welcome to this special episode of Fermentation Nation with a gentlemen who has been a major inspiration of the American Craft Beer industry and has been credited with brewing the first Double IPA in the USA, possibly the world,


 2018-08-15  2h4m

Take 2 – Episode 3: Lagers with Parleaux Beer Lab

Welcome back to our 3rd episode drop, this time with Eric and Chuck from Parleaux Beer Labs here in New Orleans. Sit back and enjoy this information packed episode focused on 3 beer styles, well 1 that is more a hybrid to the style.


 2018-06-25  2h6m

Take 2 Episode 2: Water, H20, Monohydrogen Dioxide

Welcome back! You made it through episode 1! We apologize for the roughness of that audio. However, your ears are in a treat for this next episode as we think we have solved our audio issues, which includes being able to run our A/C while we record.


 2018-06-07  1h29m

Take 2 Episode 1: NEIPA – Welcome Back

WE ARE BACK!   For those of you that have been wondering what happened to us, well short answer, a lot! In April 2017 near the brink of Daan’s move to New Orleans, Joe and Shawn, decided that it was time to focus on their family and building the FN Bre...


 2018-05-30  1h9m