Fermentation Nation

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      Episode #47 Sourfest 2016 LIve!

      This episode is a bit of a throwback that never got released, we found it and decided to share! Sit back and listen as we interview several of the brewers live at the 2016 Sour Fest that just happened this past November. This episode catches us talking to the brewers from;  Casa Agria, Zebulon Brewing, […]



      Episode #46: Lenny Boy Brewing/Booch 2.0!

      This episode catches the guys talking to Townes Mozer, Owner/Founder of Lenny Boy Brewing Company, and also the man responsible for us having new studio space! Hang out with us in the Lenny Boy Studios as we catch up with Townes regarding all the changes that have occurred since we first had them on about […]



      Episode #45 Barrel Care & Aging

      After a bit of a Hiatus, we are back with our first Episode of 2017 from our new Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Studios!   Sit in and catch up with what we’ve been up to over the holidays as well as some things we have planned for the future.  Listen to the “Professor” drop some […]



      Episode #44 Yakima Valley Hops

      Episode #44 Catches the guys discussing hops with Kaleb at Yakima Valley Hops We discuss the modern hop growing and packaging process and talk about some of the varietals that are specific to Yakima Valley Hops. Kaleb also talks about the 2016 Hop Yields and what is on the horizon for Yakima Valley. How To Find […]



      Episode #43 Low Oxygen Brewing with Bryan Rabe

      This week we are chatting with homebrewer Bryan Rabe about Low Oxygen Brewing.  Bryan is one of the authors of the On Brewing Bavarian Helles: Adapting to Low Oxygen Brewing paper that has sent ripples throughout the homebrew community, even reaching into the American craft beer industry. Received with mixed feelings among the people there’s […]



      Episode #42 Operation Liberate Homebrew

      Episode #42 has us discussing an important and hot homebrew topic especially in NC, sharing of homebrew at public events. The last few years has seen both ALE and ABC cracking down on events with homebrew because our state NC laws do not specifically say that it is allowed. Charles Willet, one of the individuals […]



      Episode #41 Brewing ESB’s, Foothills Brewing Gambrinus Winner & Charlotte Ren-Fest

      Episode #41 has the 2016 Foothills Brewing Gambrinus Cup winner in studio, Mr. Lee Hill! Lee won an opportunity to brew his winning ESB at Foothills Brewing which will be served at the 2016 Carolina Renaissance Festival. Sit back, relax  and  open a cold one as Lee  joins us in studio to discuss the ESB […]



      Episode #40 High Gravity Brewing

      Episode 40 has the guys breaking out the 40oz’ers as we talk about Shawn’s favorite subject; High Gravity Brewing! We cover several topics about brewing High Gravity beers including; mash tun size, efficiency considerations, hop utilization differences, yeast pitching recommendations and fermentation timelines. Josh Veronee also joins us in studio to discuss his NHC Gold […]



      Episode #39 Road trip to BierKeller!

      This weekend we travel down to Columbia SC on a scorching hot Saturday to enjoy some cool mugs of Kellerbier. We’re sitting down with Columbia native and well traveled German expert Scott Burgess, and talking about his new venture BierKeller Columbia.  Scott is looking to bring the beers he enjoyed while studying Abroad in Franconia […]



      Episode #38 New England IPA’s

      This episode we are joined by Todd Ford, Chad Henderson and David Gonzales of NoDa Brewing Company. They let us crash one of their conference rooms to record and joined us to discuss the new trend of New England or North Eastern IPA’s. We discuss what differentiates this style of IPA from others and we […]