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Festival City is a podcast from Edinburgh, the world capital of theatre and comedy, and home to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe




      Festival City #12 | manipulate festival gets physical

      Festival City returns for its first episode of 2018 as intrepid host Gareth K Vile catches up with a trifecta of interviews, headlined by the upcoming manipulate festival. His first guests are Artistic Director Simon Hart and Puppet Animation Scotland's Projects Manager, Melanie Purdie. The three discuss some of their festival highlights and get excited about the 'biggest concentration of experimental theatre outside of the Fringe'. Next up, well known for their TV acting on Emmerdale and...


       2018-01-19  51m

      Festival City #11 | Triple thrills across Sonica, Luminate and The Wipers Times

      In this triple interview edition of the Festival City podcast Gareth is joined by Robbie Thompson, who talks about his work as part of Cryptic's Sonica festival, including a club night at Art School where he harnesses the power of the Tesla coil, the 19th century invention that first made electricity visible, to fuse sound and light.

      Next he dashes to Edinburgh, where Morag Deyes (Artistic Director of Dance Base) and Lindsay Kemp (dancer, teacher and choreographer) discuss past...


       2017-11-03  52m

      Festival City #10 | Bruce LaBruce and SQIFF

      Now onto its third edition, the Scottish Queer International Film Festival has found success fast, and managed to push a few buttons along the way. A great lineup of films catering to a broad spectrum of identities as well as a brilliant programme of lectures, workshops and parties propelled it to the number nine spot on The List's Hot 100 last year. The team behind the SQIFF have continued this trend with the 2017 festival, taking place now in Glasgow.

      In episode ten of the...


       2017-09-29  42m

      Festival City #9 | Drag on wheels with Birds of Paradise

      In the latest episode of Festival City, host Gareth K Vile is joined by the Birds of Paradise theatre company. Actors Robert Softley Gale (also writer), Garry Robson, Kinny Gardner and Amelia Cavallo (also musical director) discuss their new show, Blanche & Butch, a new production inspired by Noel Greig's 2006 play Heels on Wheelz, catching us up with three disabled drag queens ten years later. As well as chatting about the production, the conversation touches on accessibility and...


       2017-09-26  17m

      Festival City #8 | Are you surprised there's feminist theatre at the Fringe?

      In episode of eight of Festival City our host Gareth K Vile is joined by Dr Carnesky to talk reclaiming menstruation and cabaret in Dr Carnesky's Incredible Bleeding Woman. Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken, the writers and actors behind the play Mouthpiece, discuss having the 'aha' feminist moment and emotional audience reactions to their personal feminist piece. Finally Danyah Miller, writer and solo-performer of Perfectly Imperfect Women, chats with Gareth about her relationship with her...


       2017-08-22  39m

      Festival City #7 | Morale remains high at the Fringe

      In episode seven of Festival City, the writer-director of Morale is High (Since We Gave up Hope) Adrian Berry and host Gareth K Vile get in deep about David Bowie, fandom and obsession with music. Writer Jessica Barker-Wren and director Lucy Ray come in to discuss Cow and end up debating PJ Harvey's cultural importance and West Country accents. And Gareth's final interview of the episode is a fascinating discussion with Palestinian writer-performer Amer Hlehel about the poet Taha Muhammed...


       2017-08-22  38m

      Festival City #6 | A dramaturg versus the end of the world

      Brace yourself: our theatre editor Gareth K Vile confesses he's actually enjoying himself at the Fringe. It might be down to his enthusiasm for Wild Bore, which he describes as the 'most important piece of work I'll see this year at the Fringe, or anywhere else for that matter'. Today's episode is a little inspired by that show, as he looks at different ways of making theatre, starting with traditional, script-based director and ensemble cast. First up, director James Haddrell of...


       2017-08-17  32m

      Festival City #5 | One person shows at the Fringe

      It's a special triple bill as we move into week two of the Fringe: and we are getting serious and excited about the plethora of performers banging on the door to get onto the podcast. Kicking off with a chat with a bin-man, host Gareth K Vile decides to share the reasons for his fear of baked beans with performer David William Bryan, whose show Trashed at Underbelly is a booze-fulled sucker punch of a play. Gareth moves swiftly onto his next guest, Nicola Wren from Replay (Pleasance...


       2017-08-15  36m

      Festival City #4 | Those chia seeds won't make you happy

      Beginning with a song about lice, Gareth K Vile offers a food and drink episode bereft of food and drink recommendations for the duration of your visit to Edinburgh. First up on the pod we talk to Daniella Isaacs of Hear Me Raw and discover why eating healthily isn't necessarily a good thing and how ghost writing a fitspiration book is a very bad idea. Composer and producer Matthew Whiteside is accosted to share his Fringe experiences so far and what he plans to see. And finally, Vile...


       2017-08-10  30m

      Festival City #3 | Bunny Boiler seeks love

      Episode three of Festival City stays in Glasgow (outrageous!), or at least meets a couple of artists who are either from or living on the West Coast. They are still, of course, at the Fringe during August.

      First up, there is more Vile conversations with the National Theatre of Scotland: this time, Graham Eatough dives into the problems of making theatre as he reveals the process behind How to Act. Musical interludes come from the new musical, The Local, featuring songs about that...


       2017-08-07  32m