The Field Recording PodCast by Thijs Geritz

Thijs Geritz is a Dutch illustrator, animator and an avid field recordist. Some of the recordings are 'binaural', meaning that the method of capture recreates an accurate stereo image of the environment when listened to using headphones. To enjoy this effect, listen to those marked 'Binaural fieldrecording' using headphones. For more information visit his SounCloud page:

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Irrigation canal through Quisipata (July 7th, 2018, Provence of Bolognesi, Perú)

Binaural recording of one of the many irrigation …


 2018-08-01  5m

Under The Umbrella (May31st, The Hague)

A straight forward recording of standing under an…


 2018-05-31  3m

Buitenplaats Oostduin (Den Haag, August 28th 2017)

General atmosphere in Buitenplaats Oostduin. Alg…


 2017-08-30  9m

Seagull Chatter (Den Haag, June 18th 2017)

This seagull had a nest on the roof next door and…


 2017-06-24  5m

Tussen Wal En Schip (Lloydkade Rotterdam, April 13th, 2016)



 2017-03-21  2m

Dragon dance - Chinese New Year (Wagenstraat, Den Haag, January 28th 2017)

On January 28th, 2017 began the Chinese New Year,…


 2017-01-30  4m

A walk through the zoo (Blijdorp, Rotterdam, July 22nd 2016)

It was way too crowded. And it was too hot for th…


 2017-01-21  14m

Interieur of 'Paul' (Rue des Manneliers, Lille, August 20th 2016)

After a long day of walking I ended up in a baker…


 2016-08-23  4m

Metro Lille (August 21st 2016)

To be precise: Metro 1 from Rihour to Gare Lille …


 2016-08-23  6m

Central Hall, Palais Des Beaux - Arts, Lille (August 21st 2016)

The deafening reverb of the main hall in the Muse…


 2016-08-22  6m