Fight Like An Animal

Fight Like An Animal searches for a synthesis of behavioral science and political theory that illuminates paths to survival for this planet and our species. Each episode examines political conflict through the lens of innate contributors to human behavior, offering new understandings of our current crises. Bibliographies: Periodic outbursts: Support:


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It Isn't Nonviolent To Let People Hurt You

Having described the right-left spectrum in psychological terms, we will now examine the psychology of the liberal, an entity sometimes described as moderately left who has no real counterpart on the right. We will ask why the violence-nonviolence binary has proven so consistently psychologically seductive but also so destructive to social movements...


 2020-06-13  1h23m

The Biology of the Right-Left Divide part 3

Here we conclude our discussion of the biology of the right-left divide. We discuss how developmental delay shaped human evolution and how aggression and its correlated traits map elegantly to right-left politics. We also talk about the problem of self-referentiality and the capacity for hyper-technological societies to amplify cognitive bias, setting a foundation for future discussions of what the biology of human political conflict implies.


 2020-05-27  1h22m

The Biology of the Right-Left Divide part 2

Having described the idiosyncratic collection of traits associated with variation in political outlook in humans, we will now look at the biology of aggression, and how it is correlated with a very similar set of traits. This will lay the foundation to ask the question: is political difference a reflection of differences between people in the biology of aggression?


 2020-05-13  1h21m

episode 1: The Biology of the Right-Left Divide pt. 1

We will explore the science of political difference, the cross-cultural durability of the right-left divide, the idiosyncratic collection of traits that correlate with ideological difference, and lay the foundations for a theory of where political conflict ultimately comes from. 


 2020-05-01  1h45m