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228 - The Last Dance

Dallas is a New York Knicks basketball fan and Lee loved Uncut Gems and has defaulted to liking the Boston Celtics, so they've come together to discuss the hit Netflix and ESPN documentary series, The Last Dance, charting the rise of the 1990's...



227 - Watching Star Trek's "These Are The Voyages" For The First Time

Lee is joined once again by Star blogger Carlos Miranda who has seen all 778 episodes of Star Trek episodes except one, the infamous Star Trek: Enterprise series finale, "These Are The Voyages"... until now!



226 - The Films That Got Us Through High School

Dallas, Kim and Lee share the films that got them through the challenging years of high school.



225 - Christopher Nolan Retrospective: The Prestige & The Dark Knight

Later in 2020 the latest film from Christopher Nolan is released, TENET and to celebrate Dallas and Lee will work their way through Nolan's filmography. In this episode, we discuss The Prestige and The Dark Knight.



224 - Star Trek's Seven of Nine

Lee is once again joined by Star Trek blogger and fan Carlos Miranda to discuss one of his favourite Star Trek characters, Seven of Nine. Played by Jeri Ryan, Seven of Nine was a breakout character and we discuss the development, success and return of...



223 - Playing Poker

Dallas and Lee discuss the situation cinemas and studios have found themselves in as they go to war during lockdown and what happens next.



222 - Dallas King Interview

Dallas trades his role of co-host for interviewee as he tells us about his non-fiction book, Ext. New York City - Discover The Reel New York On Location.


 2020-04-29  37m

221 - Una McCormack Interview

Lee is joined by author Una McCormack to discuss her acclaimed Star Trek: Picard prequel novel, The Last Best Hope.


 2020-04-24  48m

220 - Ask Me Anything

Dallas, Kim and Lee answer listeners questions about movies, life, podcasting, books, and much more.


 2020-04-22  1h9m

219 - Brannon Braga Interview

Lee is joined by Brannon Braga to discuss his career as a writer, producer, show runner and director across the Star Trek franchise, 24, Cosmos, The Orville, Salem, Mission: Impossible 2 and much more.


 2020-04-17  1h18m