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Session 41 - Always Be Cobbling

So many great cameos and so little time. Matt and Tristan discuss their favorite cameos and have more than a few honorable mentions. Matt opens the show talking about his first impression of The Big Short.What are your favorite cameos?


 2016-02-02  43m

Coup D’ėtat: Reopened…Again

Nerd Party Coup D’etat! In this very special episode of the Nerd Party, The Girl (aka Mrs. Riddell) makes her podcasting debut.The Girl and Tristan start out the episode talking about the latest Suicide Squad trailer and then go right into The...


 2016-01-26  46m

Session 40 - Clay. Bill Clay.

Alan Rickman has left us but his art never will.  In this episode of The Nerd Party, Matt and Tristan reminisce about Rickman’s work and how he’ll always be remembered.They also share their feelings on Alejandro Iñárritu’s “The Revenant.”


 2016-01-19  52m

Session 39 - How Do I Have Sex With This Robot?

What’s the best film that you’ve seen in 2015? Matt and Tristan ask themselves this question and you might be surprised at some of the answers. This hasn’t been the best year for film but it’s far from the worst.What do you think?


 2016-01-05  49m

Session 38 - Knights of Moof Milkers

Opening weekend of Star Wars The Force Awakens has come and gone. That means Matt and Tristan swap out their Star Trek shirts for wookie pelt and discuss the movie. Listen to them argue back and forth on the merits and failings of this long awaited...


 2015-12-21  1h6m

Session 37 - I Feel the Force…the Force…the Force

It’s not a secret that Matt and Tristan are excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and because of that they do a 6 movie retrospective on the previous two trilogies. Can they discuss all 6 films in under an hour? 


 2015-12-16  1h2m

Session 36 - He’s My Friend

Matt and Tristan discuss the Captain America Civil War trailer from Marvel and what it was like to grow up “nerd” while it was still a dirty word. How did you survive Nerdom?


 2015-12-01  47m

Session 35 - At This Time of Night?

Spectre Review! Matt and Tristan have been itching to do this review but wanted to wait until everyone who was going to see it could. This is a very SPOILER filled review. Repeat, SPOILER filled review. Do NOT listen to this podcast if you haven’t...


 2015-11-17  1h12m

Session 34 - Surprise, Sidney!

Scream is a franchise that both Matt and Tristan love to death; some iterations more than others. But in this episode they delve deep into what makes the Scream franchise fun and truly scary. Also, they start the show with talking about Bond, his...


 2015-11-04  56m

Session 33 - I Blame Gates McFadden

After the release of our Emergency Session about the latest Star Wars trailer, Matt and Tristan discuss their top five favorite scary moments in movies and TV. They start the show with the official Force Awakens poster, Arkham Knight season pass, and...


 2015-10-23  1h1m