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Session 25 - Money, Money, Money!

Matt and Tristan are at the right age where they grew up with Pixar. It’s been a facet in so many of our lives now that it’s hard to imagine a time without it. In this week’s episode they rank their Top Five favorite Pixar films of all time. It was...


 2015-06-23  1h0m

Session 24 - Hold Onto Your Butts

Jurassic World is coming out soon and Matt and Tristan just can’t help themselves but look back with this Jurassic Park retrospective. They examine the original trilogy, discuss what it meant to them when they watched it, what it meant to the world,...


 2015-06-02  49m

Session 23 - Letter to God or Something

Who are your favorite film directors? Matt and Tristan give you their top five favorite film directors in this extended edition of The Nerd Party. These are not who they think are the best of all time but just their personal favorites.They start the...


 2015-05-21  1h21m

Session 22 - You’re an Avenger

SPOILER ALERT!!!! You’ve been warned. Matt and Tristan talk about their experiences watching Avengers: Age of Ultron for the first time. They delve deep into the themes and arcs held within the film. They also breach into the real world and discuss...


 2015-05-06  1h3m

Session 21 - Gold-something

After some time off, Matt and Tristan are back to The Nerd Party. Their main focus this week is their top five favorite James Bond songs.  They discuss the merits and history of the musical side of a franchise they both love dearly. Also, they...


 2015-04-28  1h9m

Session 20 - Truly Beautiful

In this special episode of The Nerd Party, Matt and Tristan reveal their top five favorite movie scores of all time. As you can guess, they are a lot of genre picks but you’ll have to listen to hear them all. They start the show talking about the new...


 2015-04-01  1h8m

Session 19 - Under the Robot’s Hood

Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the digital gun. Matt and Tristan love talking geek and this episode is no different. They start the show with the latest Age of Ultron trailer, transition into the latest and greatest on TV and finish the episode off with...


 2015-03-18  1h5m

Session 18 - Speculation

Matt and Tristan remember the great Leonard Nimoy and what his career and life meant to them. They then move on to wildly speculate about what Spider-Man will do for Marvel and how Neil Blomkamp will take on this beloved franchise of Alien.Do you...


 2015-03-03  54m

Session 17 - Oscar Edition

Oscar Edition! No matter what you think of the Oscars, it gets everyone talking. Matt and Tristan do just that in the latest Nerd Party episode.They start off the show talking about the Best Picture nominees and then slide into their favorite Best...


 2015-02-18  53m

Session 16 - Silver Screen Upgrade

TV to Film Matt and Tristan countdown their top five films based on television shows. You might be surprised what makes the list. They start the show by discussing the new Fantastic Four reboot.  


 2015-02-06  1h1m