Fitzy and Wippa

The nice-guys of Sydney radio Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli on Nova 96.9 are the duo that wake you with a laugh – at their own expense. Their chemistry creates regular moments that make listeners smile, giggle or just plain LOL. No matter what the topic our boys will have their own unique take on it. The down-to-earth duo regularly hit the sweet spot with local and international celebrities approaching interviews with fun in mind – take Wippa singing a duet with Hugh Jackman for example.

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Fitzy & Wippa Discuss Their Very Dramatic Week Off

The boys are back and have some eventful stories from their time off! Wippa risked his life building a bird house which isn’t going very well, Fitzy had a doggy disaster that almost resulted in a trip to hospital and the team also talk new TV shows to binge, Zoom fails and perfect names.  See for privacy information.



Natalie Imbruglia Isn't Very Happy With Angelina Jolie

Fitzy & Wippa catch up with the incredible Natalie Imbruglia as she talks new music, partying with Elton John and why she isn't happy with Angelina Jolie1  See for privacy information.



The Dumbest Things People Have Only Just Realised

Fitzy & Wippa opened up the phone lines to find out what listeners have only just realised… and some of the responses were pretty surprising! Meanwhile, the team stitch-up Richard Wilkins and share a story about a very naughty monk... See for privacy information.



Wippa Needs To Go On Embarrassing Bodies

We apologise in advance for the story Wippa shares in today’s pod about a problem he’s been having downstairs - and what the doctor found after a thorough investigation. The team also chat to Colin Fassnidge, Nine Perfect Stranger’s Bobby Cannavale and listeners reveal the shocking hostage situations they’ve found themselves in. See for privacy information.



Man Catches His Girlfriend Cheating With His Grand Father

Think your family is complicated? Meet the man who discovered his son was actually his uncle. Plus, the best (and worst) gifts to get your partner, a fake interview with the Queen and real interviews with Elton John and Dr Chris Brown. Today’s ‘Best Of’ podcast is MASSIVE!  See for privacy information.



The World's Most Intense Real Estate Agents

Fitzy’s found a way to stop your mind overthinking, Wippa reckons his house is haunted and the team talk intense real estate agents in today's Best Of pod. Plus, a few tips on how to get a pay rise!  See for privacy information.



Wippa’s Had A Family Realisation

In today's Best Of pod the team are talking about people who jump from relationship to relationship, their favourite trees (um, yeah) and how Wippa is now starting to see himself in his boys as they grow up! See for privacy information.



Fitzy & Wippa Celebrate 10 YEARS With A Party Live On Air

Today marked 10 YEARS of the Fitzy & Wippa show, and things got crazy in the studio! From constant surprise celebrity callers to popping champagne in the AM and a live Rap Battle from the entire team. Strap in, because today's pod is a wild one... See for privacy information.



Prank Calling Journalists With Ridiculous Stories

Today's big topics include buying James Packer's boat for $282 million, the Sydney bloke who has handed himself into the police after escaping from jail 30 years ago and the leaked cast for SAS Australia season 3! Oh, and Tommy's dug few classic prank calls from the archive See for privacy information.



Lorde Reveals What It's REALLY Like Going To The Met Gala

The incredible Lorde caught up with Fitzy & Wippa for a big catch up this morning, and talked attending the Met Gala, new music and Jacinda Ardern! See for privacy information.