Fitzy & Wippa

The nice-guys of Sydney radio Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli on Nova 96.9 are the duo that wake you with a laugh – at their own expense. Their chemistry creates regular moments that make listeners smile, giggle or just plain LOL. No matter what the topic our boys will have their own unique take on it. The down-to-earth duo regularly hit the sweet spot with local and international celebrities approaching interviews with fun in mind – take Wippa singing a duet with Hugh Jackman for example.

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CATCH UP - Fitzy & Wippa's 2019 in review

It's Fitzy & Wippa's last show for 2019, so we're treating you to all the highlights of the year! Wips debuts his last round of 'Riddle Time', or so we thought... PLUS Prime Minister Scott Morrison jumps on the phone to ref...



EXTRA - Robbie Williams reminisces on his 'Cribs' days

This morning, the legendary Robbie Williams called into the show to chat about his new festive album ' The Christmas Present'! The singer gave Wippa some tips on parenthood and even told the guys an er, interesting story from his 'Cribs...



EXTRA - Vanilla Ice SLAYS Fitzy & Wippa in the ultimate Rap Battle

Thanks to Amazon, Robert Van Winkle AKA the legendary VANILLA ICE faced off against Fitzy & Wippa in Rap-Up of the Week, and let’s just say he did NOT hold back. Sit back, relax, and get ready to watch the boys get schooled by one...



CATCH UP - Fitzy & Wippa confront Studio TV on LIVE TV

After Kerri-Anne got Fitzy & Wippa mixed up on Studio 10, the boys thought it would be a great idea to storm the set and it went down, well.. Can you guess the LAST 'Hide and Sing' guest for 2019 PLUS play along with Tom Time!



EXTRA - Dr Chris Brown Confirms the end of 'The Living Room'

Australia's most loved Bondi Vet, Dr Chris Brown dropped by the studio this morning and told us about the time he ALMOST died. Browny also revealed that 'The Living Room' is coming to an end but it's NOT all bad because something ne...



EXTRA - Niall Horan unveils three-year stitch up on Fitzy

It’s not every day that you get to stitch up the king of all stitch-ups, so who better to get Fitzy at his own game than international superstar Niall Horan? The ex-One Direction star revealed that the 'Niall Horan' Fitz thought he was textin...



CATCH UP - MDG debuts his WORST Ever 'Headline Off' performance

Adam Spencer joined us this morning for a 2019 quiz and we find out just how much the team listen to each other, Wippa is back with the last 'Quotey McQuoteface' for the year and has an exciting announcement for 2020 PLUS Angela Bishop stops by!



EXTRA - Jason Derulo gives us his best Aussie Accent

Superstar Jason Derulo dropped by the studio this morning to celebrate 'Cats The Movie' hitting cinemas on Boxing Day! He explained the film's storyline to the team, debuted plenty of bling and revealed all the juicy deets about 'Ca...



CATCH UP - You'll never believe what Fitzy's friend learnt from the sitcom 'Friends'

The phenomenal actor Sam Neill (yes, THE Sam Neill from Jurassic Park) joined Fitzy & Wippa in the studio before he sets off to receive Australia's Highest Screen Accolade at the AACTA awards! Hear him spill on all the acting secrets and react...



EXTRA - Nicole Scherzinger reveals how the Pussycat Dolls reformed

It's official! The Pussycat Dolls are having a reunion and this morning, Fitzy & Wippa caught up with lead singer Nicole Scherzinger to get all the juicy deets...