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The Felon File Podcast is a discussion of law enforcement history, issues, and incidents. Stories of justice and justice failed, in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. Hosted by Scott Lunsford, retired police detective sergeant, author, and researcher. Listened to in 22 countries worldwide.

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episode 2: 9-2 Love and Law.

9-2 Love and Law. 

December 31, 1874, Charles asked Dora to leave her husband, she refused, and he shot her dead. The prosecution for the murder lasted eight years. Six trials and a ruling by the Supreme Court.

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episode 1: 9-1. The Great Asheville & Missouri Simian Hunt

9-1. The Great Asheville & Missouri Simian Hunt 

A local radio personality puts Scott on the hunt for the truth on the Asheville N.C. monkey history.  A tourist town that welcomes anybody and anything?

on line 11-26-2022 at 7 pm East Coast Time

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episode 26: 8-26. A relative Murder

8-26. A relative Murder

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episode 26: more on the Sheriff called Jessie James

More on the Sheriff called Jessie James 

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episode 24: The sheriff called Jessie James (8-25)

8- 25. JESSE JAMES BAILEY- lawman extraordinaire who served as sheriff of two different North Carolina Countries in the 1920s. 

Former Detective for Southern Railway, a celebrated humorist and storyteller, and a feared moonshine still wrecker. Bailey worked in several capacities for the railroad for 52 years until his retirement at age 70 in 1958...



episode 28: Halloween 2022

Halloween 2022

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 2022-10-30  44m

episode 23: Episode 8-23 Black Widow Poison!

Episode 8-23 Black Widow Poison! 

Was it love or murder?  Not once but twice.

Black Widow, Slang for A woman who kills her husband or lover, especially one who kills multiple husbands or lovers.

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 2022-10-23  26m

episode 22: 8-22. Clinton Smith, 1996 Kool-Aid killer?

8-22. Clinton Smith, 1996 Kool-Aid killer?

Clinton Smith was sentenced to death over 26 years ago in Halifax County, North Carolina. He was tried for killing his 6-year-old daughter, Brittany, with pesticide-laced Kool-Aid in 1996.  Brittany’s brother and sister survived. He has denied poisoning the children...


 2022-10-16  35m

episode 21: 8-21. Mistaken Identy

8-21 Cases of mistaken identity.

Mistaken identity, in general, is not a big deal. But in cases that depend on the identification of a person, determining a person's liability, responsibility, and even freedom is very serious. What is better for a criminal investigation physical evidence? Or an eyewitness? Scott discusses some of these issues today.

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 2022-10-09  24m

episode 3: Bonus #3 Up Date

The answer to the question. Is 25 years enough? The decision has been made.  We have the answer from the previous bonus podcast, according to the Kentucky Parole Board  As spoken about in the previous bonus episodes.

Michael Carneal was 14 at the time of the school shooting in 1997. He shot and killed 3 students and wounded five others in a Kentucky high school shooting...


 2022-09-28  4m