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The Felon File Podcast is a discussion of law enforcement history, issues, and incidents. Stories of justice and justice failed, in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. Hosted by Scott Lunsford, retired police detective sergeant, author, and researcher. Listened to in 22 countries worldwide.

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episode 20: 8-20. Sept 1900, "Hanged" Twice

8-20. Sept 1900," Hanged" Twice September 28, 1900.  North Carolina. One murder, one defendant, two hangings --- Send in a voice message:


 2022-09-25  31m

episode 1: Update on September bonus episode

Update on the September bonus episode of the Felon File Podcast. The Heath High School shooter's parole hearing on if he will be allowed to return to society and the public.  It will be Monday, September 26, before we know if Michael Carneal will be paroled or remain behind bars. The hearing decision was deferred until Sept. 26.   After serving 25 years of his life sentence, Carneal is now eligible for parole...


 2022-09-22  1m

Sept-18-Bonus. Is 25 enough?

Sept-18-Bonus. Is 25 enough? 

14-year-old freshman student Michael Carneal said he had been called names and bullied by fellow students. He was  diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and severe paranoia. December 1, 1997, Michael Carneal wrapped a shotgun and a rifle in a blanket and took them to school, passing them off as an art project he was working on. He carried a loaded Ruger MK II .22-caliber pistol in his backpack...


 2022-09-18  18m

episode 19: 8-19. 1852 A Hanging in Haywood

8-19.  1852 A Hanging in Haywood

The Trail and punishment of David Mason.  Charged with murdering his wife.  Did he do it?

  In the mass of on-lookers, a future Governor of the State of NC. What was his perspective? What did other observers think?

On line on 9-17-2022 @ 7 pm.

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 2022-09-18  30m

episode 18: 8-18 A History of NC Prisons

8-18 A History of NC Prisons. History and individuals who served time, or escaped, got caught or didn't get caught, and how they lived while incarcerated. On line on 9-10-2022 @ 7pm .  Also found on your favorite Podcast Platform        --- Send in a voice message:


 2022-09-11  30m

episode 17: 8-17. 1886 Hanging of Andrew Jackson Lambert

8-17. 1886 Hanging of Andrew Jackson Lambert

In 1884 on a cold December mountain night, someone killed a Federal revenue Agent.  Was it the bootlegger or the miner?   The trail led to Andrew Jackson Lambert. Was he hung? The 1886 trial produced several different versions of what happened. Did his family produce a miracle and revive the defendant after the hanging?

Did he survive? Scott has the shade of blue story, telling what and why.



 2022-09-04  46m

episode 16: 8-16 The Klan vs. the Bootlegger Gangs.

8-16 The Klan vs. the Bootlegger Gangs. 

The Klan Bootlegger war of 1920.   Who won and why.   What happened after the fighting was over. Or did it never stop?

Scott has the story and some answers. 

On line 8-20-2022 @ 7 PM EST

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 2022-08-28  37m

episode 15: 8-15. The catchable but not fetchable Moonshiner


When you think of the Appalachian moonshiner, you picture the old Mountaineer with a long beard and floppy hat. A shotgun was close at hand. The old man toiling over a large copper still somewhere in the mountain backwoods. There is a reason we shouldn’t stereotype people. Looks can be very deceiving.  As this shade of blue story shows.



 2022-08-21  25m

episode 14: 8-14. The 1930s Bunch Gang

The Bunch Gang of the early 1930s. 

Clarence Bunch was born in Claiborne County, Tennessee on August 11, 1911, to Hugh and Mattie Bunch of the Bunchtown community. His photographs show him to have been a clean-cut young man, clean-shaven and with a pleasant look on his face. Looks can be deceiving.

The Gang's escapades started around 1933 when Bunch was involved in a bank robbery in Virginia...


 2022-08-14  33m

episode 13: 8-13. Familicide.

8-13.  Familicide. 

The Felon File Podcast

Number 8-13.  Familicide.

Familicide definition: the murder of one or several members of one's own family (Collins Dictionary )

Scott looks at three shades of blue Familicide stories. One that is very recent. One we know the outcome of and one we don’t. Is that killer still on the loose? Listen and decide for yourself...


 2022-08-07  29m