The Felon File

The Felon File Podcast is a discussion of law enforcement history, issues, and incidents. Stories of justice and justice failed, in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. Hosted by Scott Lunsford, retired police detective sergeant, author, and researcher. Listened to in 22 countries worldwide.

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episode 5: 8-5, Almost Hanged

8-5, Almost Hanged.

1808 in the Mountains of North Carolina. One of the first uses of forensic firearm analysis in a murder investigation occurs. Though it almost happened too late.  James Craig, working alone at his mill when his dogs began barking. Investigating a shot rang out and James fell.  James was able to identify his shooter before he died...


 2022-06-12  29m

episode 6: 8-6 Vets, Shine and Murder on Spring Creek

8-6 Vets, Shine and Murder on Spring Creek

Two veterans from two different wars have a disagreement that leads to murder. Who were these backcountry Mountain Men? What was their story.

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 2022-06-19  19m

episode 7: 8-7. The Ballad of Beautiful Nell Cropsey.

8-7. The Ballad of Beautiful Nell Cropsey.

On the night of November 20, 1901, a young woman disappeared from her home in Elizabeth City North Carolina. Thirty-seven days later, her body was found in the Pasquotank River. Despite a boyfriend being convicted of her murder, there are many questions about her death that remain unanswered.



 2022-06-26  23m

episode 8: 8-8. Mistaken Identify

8-8. Mistaken Identity 

Mistakes in identifying in Life, Death, Justice, and Punishment.

Do we have the right person? Stories of problems in making positive identifications.

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 2022-07-03  28m

episode 9: 8-9. The 1935 Jones Ridge Murder

8-9. The 1935 Jones Ridge Murder

Who killed the mountain farmer? There were several trials and no convictions.  Two years later the farmer's brother-in-law is found dead. Was this murder too?  Listen and decide who you think did it.  Identifying historical context allows us to demonstrate “historical empathy,” or the ability to understand the different attitudes from our past without judging them.



 2022-07-10  25m

episode 10: 8-10. The story of Otto Wood, in song and print.

8-10. The story of Otto Wood, in song and print.

Otto Wood was born in the Dellaplane community of Wilkes County North  Carolina. Spending most of his short life traveling cross country as a bootlegger, a bandit, and a fugitive. Also known as the Houdini of Cell Block A.   As the song would later say, “He loved the women, he hated the law and he just wouldn't take nobody's jaw.”



 2022-07-17  27m

episode 11: 8-11. Growing up Charlie Manson

Growing up Charlie Manson

The young Charles Manson and the Appalachian Mountain region. Where did he grow up? How did he grow up? His connections to Eastern Kentucky southern Ohio and West Virginia. Most know about the “Manson Family” and their crimes. Ever wonder about his first family? Scott has some stories and information.

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 2022-07-24  37m

episode 12: 8-12. Mary Jane Crowson’s baby is gone!

Felon File Podcast / Real Crime Anytime

8-12 Mary Jane Crowson’s baby is gone!

Before there was Maranda and the notifications of a suspect or defendant Maranda rights there was Mary Jane Crowson. what did Mary Jane do, and when did it happen.? What did the North Carolina courts say about a murdering mother? Scott has the shade of blue story for you.



 2022-07-31  22m

episode 13: 8-13. Familicide.

8-13.  Familicide. 

The Felon File Podcast

Number 8-13.  Familicide.

Familicide definition: the murder of one or several members of one's own family (Collins Dictionary )

Scott looks at three shades of blue Familicide stories. One that is very recent. One we know the outcome of and one we don’t. Is that killer still on the loose? Listen and decide for yourself...


 2022-08-07  29m

episode 14: 8-14. The 1930s Bunch Gang

The Bunch Gang of the early 1930s. 

Clarence Bunch was born in Claiborne County, Tennessee on August 11, 1911, to Hugh and Mattie Bunch of the Bunchtown community. His photographs show him to have been a clean-cut young man, clean-shaven and with a pleasant look on his face. Looks can be deceiving.

The Gang's escapades started around 1933 when Bunch was involved in a bank robbery in Virginia...


 2022-08-14  33m