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Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight team cover the latest in politics, tracking the issues and "game-changers" every week.

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The Election Isn't Over

The FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast reacts to the results so far on election night 2020.


 2020-11-04  15m

Final Reflections Before The Election

In the final pre-election installment of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the crew takes a final look at the data, reflects on the stories that have defined the 2020 campaign and shares their guide of what to follow on election night.


 2020-11-03  56m

What The Deluge Of Final Polls Can Tell Us

Many pollsters released their final polls of the 2020 election over the weekend. In this installment of the podcast, the crew analyzes what the recent data tells us about the state of the race in its final days.


 2020-11-01  29m

How To Vote Safely In A Pandemic

Our colleagues at PODCAST-19 look at the precautions states have taken to make sure people can vote safely during the coronavirus pandemic. Make sure to subscribe to PODCAST-19 wherever you get your podcasts.


 2020-10-31  22m

Model Talk: There Still Isn't Evidence Of 'Shy' Trump Voters

This is the final(!) pre-election installment of "Model Talk." Nate Silver and Galen Druke discuss how the latest polling has shifted in some of the key battleground states. They also address whether there is any reason to believe that "shy Trump voters" could provide the president with an upset win on Election Day. (The evidence suggests there isn't.)


 2020-10-30  42m

The Under-Covered Stories Of The 2020 Election

There are only five days remaining until Election Day and former Vice President Joe Biden currently has a 89 percent chance of winning, according to our forecast. In this installment of the podcast, the crew discusses the state of the race and also considers which important stories have been under-covered by the press during the 2020 campaign.


 2020-10-29  43m

How We Expect The Electorate To Look In 2020

In this installment of the podcast, the crew takes a closer look at who exactly is voting and how their preferences have changed or stayed the same compared with four years ago.


 2020-10-28  48m

How The Media Projects The Winner Of An Election

Galen Druke speaks with the Executive Director of Elections at ABC News, Dan Merkle, who oversees the network's Decision Desk. Merkle explains how ABC News will go about projecting the winner of individual states and the overall presidential race, as well as when we might be able to expect those projections.


 2020-10-27  34m

October Surprises Don't Usually Decide Elections

The crew discusses this year's October surprises and the likelihood that a late development could shake up the race for president.


 2020-10-27  49m

Model Talk: National And District-Level Polls Disagree

In this installment of Model Talk, Nate and Galen discuss why national, state and district-level polls are showing different levels of competitiveness in the 2020 election. They also answer listener questions.


 2020-10-24  50m