Float Podcast

Welcome to The Float Podcast, An Entrepreneurial Journey. Your host is Nick Janicki; Once a wide eyed hippie with purple dreadlocks and now the founder of the True REST Float Spa, the fastest growing floating franchisor in the world and CEO of Float Pod Technologies, the industry leader in Float Pods. Follow Nick along in his Entrepreneurial Journey with what will become the net Billion dollar industry to enter the Health and Wellness sector. Nick will connect with world-class athletes, actors, musicians, doctors, industry experts, and explore the mindsets of powerful entrepreneurs.



Dr. Dan on Floating, Psychedelics and Depression

Dr. Dan takes us through his epic journey of self discovery ranging from his time as a clinical psychiatrist, to the rainforests of Peru to discover and research sacred medicine, to encountering deep depression. He re-lives his journey in vivid detail and introduces Floating as a safe alternative to other clinical therapies.


 2015-08-04  54m

An Entrepreneurial Journey

How do married entrepreneurs Nick and Holly Janicki stay balanced and centered in the midst of the demands of both business and home life? The Janickis share their daily routines, discuss their experience so far and share tips and advice for entrepreneurs on their own journey.


 2015-07-23  22m

A Briefcase Full of Money

6 Years after opening the doors of True REST Float Spa, Nick has a briefcase full of surprises for his first investor: good ol' dad... Nick and Nick Sr. discuss opening the first store, the progressions in the industry until now and the future of float therapy.


 2015-07-23  10m