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The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, led by Christian Bacasa, aims to equip you with the skills to fish for any species, at any time, anywhere. Dive into the world of fly fishing by listening to conversations with both expert professionals and passionate hobbyists from all corners of the globe, renowned for their dedication and prowess in the sport. Additionally, Christian Bacasa, a seasoned angler, imparts valuable tips and secrets for successful fishing. The podcast also frequently features special guests from various brands or their ambassadors, offering insider perspectives on fishing techniques and detailed product insights.

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episode 244: Alaska Dry Fly Season and Not Moving as an Angler

  In this episode, James Johnson shares his experience and knowledge of fly fishing in Alaska. He discusses the misconceptions about fly fishing in Alaska and explains the different techniques for catching big fish, including streamer fishing....



episode 243: Michigan Fly Fishing for Smallies and Pike

  In this conversation, Christian Bacasa interviews Alan Campbell, a fly fishing guide from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They discuss Alan's guide service and his focus on smallmouth bass and pike fishing. They cover topics such as fishing in the...



episode 242: Fly Fishing the White River Water System in the Summer

  In this episode, Christian Bacasa interviews Steve Dalley from the Dalley Ozark Fly Fisher, who specializes in the White River Water System. They discuss the different phases of the summer system, including the prolific hatches of caddis and...



episode 241: Midlife Opportunity to Become a Fly Fishing Guide

  In this conversation, Mike Pease shares his insights on fly fishing techniques and guidance. He explains the lob cast and set technique, emphasizing the importance of using a wrist flick to flip the line like flipping a pancake. He also...



 April 23, 2024  1h9m

episode 238: Fly Fishing in West Virginia Remains the Hidden Gem

Episode Description   In this conversation, Curtis Fleming shares his insights and experiences on fly fishing. He discusses various techniques and strategies for landing fish in fast water, emphasizing the importance of avoiding boulders and...


 April 16, 2024  46m

IGFA World Record - Was It Really Broken?

SummaryIn this episode of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast, Christian Bacasa and Jason McReynolds discuss the controversy surrounding a potential IGFA record-breaking catch. They emphasize the importance of understanding and following IGFA rules, which...


 April 10, 2024  1h20m

episode 239: Sea Run Cutthroat, How They Run and Your Setup

Episode Description   In this episode, host Christian Bacasa interviews Garrett Lesko, a well-rounded fly tier specializing in deer hair. They discuss Garrett's recent activities, including competitive fly fishing and speaking at clubs. They also...


 April 9, 2024  1h13m

episode 237: Taking Time to Dissect the Pursuits of Anglers in the Top 10%

Episode Description   Antoine Bissieux, a fly fisherman and guide, shares his experiences and insights on the Fly Fishing Insider podcast. He discusses his move to the East Coast, fishing the Strawberry River, and his approach to research and...


 April 2, 2024  52m

episode 236: Amazon Fly Fishing and Preservation

Episode Description   In this episode, Christian Bacasa interviews John Childress, a marine biologist turned business consultant and avid fly fisherman. They discuss John's recent trip to the Amazon jungle for fishing and the importance of...


 March 26, 2024  38m